PROMO: Introducing 1,000 Original Menswear Pieces, All 100% Bloomingdales

High-end retail giant Bloomingdale’s adds 1,000 original pieces as the new 100% Bloomingdale’s collection.

The Best Sunglasses to Buy Right Now

A roundup of the shades that you need to keep the sun out of your eyes this season.

The Caricature and the Impossible Interview.

Tourist traps the world over are littered with self-proclaimed caricaturists, but these shoddy scribblers that churn out cutesy watercolors for a handful of cash are nothing compared to the classics. Over time, the term caricaturist has come to signify an artist that is inferior, one that creates works more for shallow entertainment than for true expression. Caricaturists of the past did paint in a style that largely endures today in the rapid-fire works that hang throughout touristy locales, but back then it was the message that the artist was trying to convey through this aesthetic that really mattered.

See the Scott Fraser Collection Campus Jacket Line – Past & Present

Described as “Retrospective Modernism,” London newcomer Scott Fraser Collection takes inspiration from the best of classic Ivy, college and British trad, breathing new life into some timeless styles,  ”keeping one eye on the past, but the other firmly set to the future.” The reversible Campus Jacket  best sums up this balance between nostalgia and contemporary design. Ribbed cuffs, hem and a neat rounded collar, velvet combined with denim or brushed Melton wool in navy, red, black, blue, yellow or the ultra-preppy check, depending on which way you wear, all made to order in the UK

The History of Flannel

Flannel is more than just a plaid shirt. It’s a fabric with a deep history stretching back centuries. Here’s where it came from

In These Streets: The Best Street Art From September 2014

Here are the best murals painted around the world last month.

G1 Wool Flight Jacket

T he WW II inspired G1 Flight Jacket is one of Private White VC’s most sought after pieces of outerwear.

The Gi – A Smart Electric Bike with a Light, Foldable Frame

Combining a powered motor with smart technology, the Gi Bike joins the growing list of advanced cycling machines for those who want more than simply two wheels. An aluminium frame weighing in at 37.4 lbs, the bike is packed full of clever features

Jamie Redknapp in Alfred Dunhill – 2014 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship #DunhillLinks

Jamie Redknapp / Source: Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images Europe Jamie Redknapp was pictured at the first round of the 2014 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship at The Old Course on 2nd October 2014 in St Andrews, Scotland. The ex-professional football player and TV presenter wore an Alfred Dunhill outfit, paired with Nike golf shoes. Jamie Redknapp sure looked stylish on the course.

Sidian Ersatz & Vanes Fall/Winter 2014 – “EMPIRICAL VISION”

French trio  Sidian Ersatz & Vanes return for Fall 2014 with another inventive lookbook entitled “EMPIRICAL VISION.” Fans of a strong concept, this time round they investigate the gap between what we say and what truly exists, whether “abstraction is ultimately real.” A bold color palette, wearable from start to finish, shirts remains their mainstay, custom prints, eye-popping patterns and checks refer back to traditional optical illusions and warped designs. Look out for a new silhouette, the SEV11, a short-sleeve tunic shirt, “stripped of all extraneous details,” available soon .

Espresso on the Go with the Hand-Powered Minipresso Machine

If missing out on your extra strong short dose of coffee fills you with dread, if you’ve ever turned down a road trip, fishing weekend or world music festival because you fear going without that essential shot, then put your life on hold no longer. The Minipresso uses a semi-automatic piston, a small measure of hot water and your own fair hand to create an espresso on the go. No electricity, batteries or gas canisters, pour a ristretto, espresso or double espresso depending on the amount of push power you use.

장미라사 9월 출장기 1탄 : 도쿄 (오모테산도 & 하라주쿠)

안녕하세요, JM멤버 여러분!!한미정 디자이너입니다 블로그에 글 쓰는건 처음이라 너무 너무 긴장되네요9월 말, 저는 사장님과 함께 2박 3일 도쿄로 짧디 짧은!! 출장을 다녀왔습니다.우선, 제가 처음으로 소개 시켜드릴 곳은 오모테산도입니다.명품 브랜드들과, 편집샵, 노천 까페들이 엄청 많아요!! 엄청 엄청 많아요!!건물도 옷도 사람도 봐도 봐도 끝이 없더라구요명품 브랜드들의 플래그쉽 스토어들이 앞에도, 뒤에도, 왼쪽에도, 오른쪽에도!! 심지어 골목 사이사이에도ㅎㅎㅎ눈을 뗄 수가 없더라구요이곳은 오모테산도에 있는 오모테산도 힐스 입니다.세계적인 건축가 안도 다다오가 디자인한 곳이라고 하는데요, 명품 숍과 멀티 숍, 갤…….

[East Logue] 2014 가을 겨울 이스트 로그의 새 옷들!

[East Logue] 2014 가을 겨울 이스트 로그의 새 옷들! ​ 2년 전 요맘때로군요… 이스트로그라는 브랜드를 주목할 만한 브랜드로 소개한 바 있습니다. 그 동안 많은 사랑을 받고, 특히 해외에서 놀라운 반응을 얻으면서 성장세를 증폭시켜 이제 명실상부한 대한민국의 대표 아우터 브랜드로서의 확고한 자리를 차지한 것 같습니다.


Les recoins les plus sombres du panthéon de l’histoire de l’automobile sont peuplés d’une multitude de voitures étranges, produites en toutes petites quantités, pour quelques raisons obscures.

시모네 아저씨 예쁜 니트랑 돌아오다! 2014 가을 트렁크 쇼

시모네 아저씨 예쁜 니트랑 돌아오다! 2014 가을 트렁크 쇼 ​ ​ 피렌체 프라시의 주인장 시모네 아저씨가 가을의 시작을 알리며 서울 빌라델꼬레아를 찾습니다.

Today in Gear: October 2, 2014

Today in Gear: a classic gray flannel suit, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD — Kids Edition, a portable wi-fi hotspot and more. … Read More »


Look, it’s the aforementioned brand HANCOCK again, back with a petite creation: the raincoat that has decided to cover just the hair, the shoulders and the chest. It is made from a vulcanised blend of wool and mohair. What a curious luxury!

이봐요 멋쟁이, 달려요! 달리기를 사랑하는 이들을 위한 새로운 브랜드 ‘브룩스 러닝, Brooks Running’ 매장 소개

이봐요 멋쟁이, 달려요! 달리기를 사랑하는 이들을 위한 새로운 브랜드 ‘브룩스 러닝’ 매장 소개 ​ 무라카미 하루키의 주기적인 마라톤 참여와 포레스트 검프의 멈추지 않는 달리기……. 한국신사는 달리기하면 이 두 인물이 기억납니다

Tom Dixon Designs His First Hotel – The Sea Containers Mondrian London

After launching Mondrian Hotels Stateside in Los Angeles and New York, The Morgans Hotel Group have opened their first Mondrian outside the US. The new location is in London, on the South Bank in Warren Platner’s illustrious 1978 Sea Containers House.

Malin + Goetz Release Perfume Oils for Their Most Popular Scents

Malin + Goetz  introduce their line of unisex fragrances in convenient rollerball perfume oil bottles. Want to smell like “Cannabis” or “Dark Rum?” The New York apothecary has always touted unique scents across their product line of candles , soaps and more — Now they’re available as portable fragrance

High Five: 5 Best Motorcycle Gloves

Whether you’re piling on the interstate miles, tackling dusty switchbacks or just riding around in a parking lot, an off at any speed will have you palms out and road rashed.

You Can Cop This Mr. Brainwash Portrait of Jay Z and Other Art Now From the Global Citizen Festival eBay Auction

Original art and celebrity-signed memorabilia is being sold to help end extreme poverty.

With Zwift, Cycling Meets Video Game

Zwift is the marriage of video games and cycling trainers.

Alexander Wang and DJ Jesse Marco Put Out a Mix to Get You Through the Rest of the Week

In support of his new pop up shop in Tokyo, Alexander Wang has linked up with DJ Jesse Marco to create a new mix.

Watch the Evolution of The Levi’s Iconic Batwing Logo

Every brand, no matter how iconic, needs a refresh every once in awhile.

One Year Later | The East Dane Anniversary Collection.

To celebrate its first birthday the menswear site East Dane has tapped a group of designers to create a 24-piece collection of exclusive clothing that you can’t find anywhere else. Which basically amounts to birthday gifts for you — the way things should be. As part of this anniversary collection you’ll find one-off items from stalwart UK brands like Grenson and Mackintosh right alongside the likes of AXS Folk Technology, Gitman Bros Vintage, Golden Bear, Patrik Ervell (which might be the coolest piece of this collection; pictured above) and more

Hidetoshi Nakata [中田英寿] in Givenchy – Paris Fashion Week SS2015 #PFW

Hidetoshi Nakata [中田英寿] / Hidetoshi Nakata [中田英寿] attended the Louis Vuitton show as part of Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring Summer 2015 on 1st October 2014 in Paris, France.

Black Scale and Timberland’s Six-Inch Boot Collaboration Is Finally Dropping

Black Scale and Timberland have a release date for their collaborative six-inch boots.

Yo Ho Ho And A Punch In The Face

On today’s episode of the Daily Dispatch, a man is beat up for looking like a pirate, firefighters rescue tiny hamsters from a raging inferno and a man unloads his gun by firing it since it was « the only way he knew how to unload it. » Christian Swingers Spread God’s… Ergh…

Five Watches to Burn Your Bonus

You did well this year. Now — what to spend that bonus on?

Selectism Buyer’s Guide | USA-Made Selvedge Denim

Having taken our denim wearing hours down by at least 50% over the summer, the slow exit of warm weather has us thinking, once again, about our ever-reliable blues. In another USA-focused buyer’s guide , we sought out the best selvedge jeans built in America for every preference. From Baldwin to J.Crew  and  Noble to RPMWest , find your new favorite in our top 10

Publish Brand and Raised by Wolves Tap Into Patriotism With the Release of Their New Collaborative Collection

Publish Brand and Raised by Wolves tap into their nationalistic sides with the release of the Under 2 Nations capsule collection.

A Banksy Pigeon Mural Was Buffed From a Boathouse After Complaints That it Was "Offensive and Racist"

The humor in Banksy’s mural was clearly wasted on the people of Clacton-on-Sea.

Buttero Employ Vintage-Inspired Vibram Soles for their Fall/Winter 2014 Boots

Buttero looks to fellow Italian brand Vibram for custom sole solutions for their Fall/Winter 2014 footwear. The esteemed shoemaker chose a vintage-inspired sole with a “Gloxinia Cut” called the V-Lite — The result? A beautiful lineup of boots steeped in historic, artisanal practices with a touch of modern day innovation

Topman Collaborates With British Artist Richie Culver on Its Latest Collection

Topman’s latest collection features the work of British artist Richie Culver.

Five Essentials for the Well-Connected Home

the next frontier for mobile devices and connected technology is all about the physical domain.

16 Ways To Become The Happiest Person In The Room

Because you’re all winners. AskMen: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:!/AskMen Follow us on Foursquare: Let us know know your opinions by commenting below!

Interview: Mickalene Thomas Discusses Creating a Different Kind of Portrait for Her New Show "I was born to do great things"

Pivitol American artist Mickalene Thomas discusses her new exhibition, « I Was Born to Do Great Things. »

Baracuta Release the G9 Harrington & G10 Trench in British Military Melton Wool

Baracuta is taking their iconic G9 Harrington spring jacket in many different directions — First it was distressed leather , and now melton wool. This time, Baracuta also switches up its G10 trench coat , offering the signature silhouettes in dark fall shades and warm winter materials. Melton wool has been used for over two centuries by the British military for their coats and trousers.

Decrypted: The Specifications War is Over

If the topic of mobile technology happens to come up at your local water cooler, it’s unlikely that a fight will break out concerning which colleague’s phone has the most RAM. Tech specs used to be consumers’ top priority; what do the numbers mean to us now, with supercomputers in our pockets? …

Artist Constant Dullaart Launches a Project With DIS Magazine to Get Art Instagram Accounts Over 100,000 Followers

The artist bought 2.5 million fake Instagram profiles to make art-world accounts look more important.

Cole Haan’s New ZeroGrand Design Is a Boot Fit for Winter

Cole Haan releases another iteration of the ZeroGrand shoe design, this time in the form of a rugged tall boot.

The New Balance 990v1 Customizer – Craft Your Own in the USA in 6-8 Days

The New Balance Customizer is a great expression of the company’s commitment to local, American-made shoe production.

Chic Cable Knit

The New York Times Fashion section just posted this photo on their Instagram .  They caught the actress Louise Grinberg leaving the Miu Miu fashion show in Paris. I love everything about this look from her hair to the ladylike blouse and grey cable knit sweater and pants paired with the burgundy bag

Xavier Dolan in Loewe – Paris Fashion Week SS2015 #PFW

Xavier Dolan / Source: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe | Loewe Spring Summer 2015 Xavier Dolan attended the Moncler Gamme Rouge show as part of Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring Summer 2015 on 1st October 2014 in Paris, France. The Canadian actor / film-maker wore a black leather biker jacket from Loewe

Ian Connor Is Giving Away Free Clothes in Paris Right Now

This is no joke. Ian Connor is giving away free clothes right now.

Colette Is Bringing More Than a Dozen of Pharrell’s Recent Designs and Collaborations to Its Store

Colette will feature a special Pharrell Williams installation to celebrate his many recent product designs and collaborations.

AMI Belted Cardigan

A side from being a fan of Carson Street Clothiers stock list, they always manage to style their clothing in a completely approachable manor.

Wms&Co. for Jack Spade Self-Inking Hand Stamps

Design mavens Wms&Co. teamed up with connoisseurs of dapper menswear Jack Spade to bring the sartorial guy something a little different. Today marks the release of an exclusive collection of stamps,  aesthetically pleasing as you’d expect from a meeting of two companies that specialize in functional design and a bit of humor.

Hand Me Down

Photographed in New York, NY Noteworthy: Stéphane has become a good friend over the last year and the first time I saw his jacket, I thought it was so cool. It belonged to his grandfather who played polo competitively back in the early 80s down in Kentucky. That authenticity is enviable.

Viewfinder: Above America

« Above America » exudes an old-time charm — an aerial drone video before aerial drones existed. Harrison Sanborn, a California-based director and cinematographer, dug up his father’s archive of aerial footage and scanned it at 2K resolution; the result is a celluloid time capsule without a particular year in mind. ..

Amanda Bynes Reportedly Got Kicked Out of Fashion School

Amanda Bynes has reportedly been kicked out of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Jay Z in Alexander McQueen – Paris Saint-Germain v FC Barcelona, UEFA Champions League

#456421268 / Jay Z was pictured at the Paris Saint-Germain v FC Barcelona UEFA Champions League match at Parc des Princes on 30th September 2014 in Paris, France. Jay Z wore a black and white silk check jacquard sweatshirt from Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2014

NEEDS&WANTS Studios’ Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Keeps Its Strong Momentum Going

NEEDS&WANTS Studios drops its popular varsity, peacoat varsity, and flannel Fishtail for Fall/Winter 2014.

Studio XO and Absolut Turned a Berlin Club Into Futuristic Jungle Party for "Nights By Absolut"

For the thrid installment of « Nights By Absolut, » designers studio XO worked with Absolut to create the nightclub of the future.

Go Outdoors with Topo Designs Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

Colorodo’s Topo Designs release a fresh batch of laid-back American goodness, seen here in their Fall/Winter 2014 lookbook. Alongside the selection of trusty canvas bags and travel packs , we’re treated to an expanded range of adventure-friendly apparel featuring a Puffer vest, water-repellent Mountain jacket and a duck canvas Work Pant.

13 Terrible Style Fails at the Gym

People love making bizarre style choices when it comes to breaking a sweat.

Exclusive: Timberland Channels One of Its Most Iconic Designs for Its New Hazel Highway Collection

Timberland presents its first Hazel Highway Collection inspired by the 1979 Super Boot design.

Justin Bieber at Paris Fashion Week SS2015 #PFW

Justin Bieber / JustJared | Balmain Fall Winter 2014 Justin Bieber was pictured in Paris yesterday partaking in various activities surrounding Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. The Canadian pop star attended the launch of Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book issue No. 5 on 30th September 2014, and was pictured in a military green / khaki cropped jacket from Balmain Fall Winter 2014

A Thousand Miles of Two-Wheeled Adventure Through British Columbia

A fork in the road. Rarely in life does the metaphorical appear in such literal form. Yet there it was, and there we were.

Beyond Bags – See the Porter Classic Fall 2014 Clothing Line

Having perfected the bag in pretty much all its variations, Porter prove there’s more to the brand than that little black badge.

Twitter Goes Off in Celebration of #DuRagHistoryWeek

Twitter had a lot to post for #DuragHistoryWeek.


Il ne suffit pas d’avoir du poil sur le torse pour s’autoproclamer homme-macho. C’est avant tout une attitude.

The Coolest Photoshopped Images on Tumblr of September 2014

In the best Photoshopped pics found on Tumblr this month, Sailor Moon and more animé characters get gangsta.

Red Bull Announces Their First-Ever Interactive B-Boying Game, "BC One Battle For Paris"

A fun, retro-style game that allows fans to get in on the action of the upcoming Red Bull BC One World Final event on November 29.

Sweden via Italy – An Accessible Tailoring Range from Eton & Eidos

Shirt-maker Eton of Sweden, founded in 1928, meet newcomer Eidos of Italy for an impressive range of smart tailoring and layers . Pushing an approachable take on fine Neopolitan style, the collection offers “sophisticated clothing and impeccable craftsmanship” for those who either know their stuff already or are looking for that gateway collection into a world of smart set-ups


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. It would be terrible if we just skipped from September to November, wouldn’t it?” – Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables 

The Fascinating History of the Chopper Motorcycle Revealed by Gestalten & The Vintagent

Gestalten announce another brilliantly niche publication, this time charting the history of that most flamboyant of rides, in The Chopper . With help from Paul d’Orléans, renowned bike expert, founder of the Vintagent blog and all round curious chap, delves into this tale of American popular culture, from its beginnings in 1905 with custom builder Harold Karslake, to its moment of red, white and blue glory in Easy Rider and beyond.

NEEDS&WANTS Unveil New Varsity Styles & Shirts for Fall 2014

Toronto’s NEEDS&WANT S continue to perfect the varsity jacket and beyond. Here their core style becomes a longer length trench-style coat in 100% wool, a slim fit with quilted interior, ribbed collar and cuffs

Le Gillette Body

Les statistiques le disent. Plus de 6 françaises sur 10 pensent que les hommes devraient accorder plus d’attention à leur corps concernant la pilosité. 84% des femmes et 75% des hommes pensent que les hommes se rasent plus facilement le corps qu’avant


James Andrew – Lyford Would that we could spend one more day in lovely Lyford, but alas our time there drew to a close.

Today in Gear: October 1, 2014

Today in Gear: Kawasaki’s latest full throttle machine, OMEGA introduces a new chronograph to its Speedmaster line, the next generation of active noise-canceling ear buds by Phiaton and more. ..


Neither skinny nor broad, this dark brown calfskin belt has a brass belt buckle and is exactly 25mm wide. It’s from from the eponymous leather goods line of Mr. ÁLVARO GONZÁLEZ , whose name some will recognise because he is currently also design director at the Milanese house of VALEXTRA.

Is The Black Food Trend Getting Out Of Hand?

OK, so Burger King and McDonald’s recently released two new all-black burgers. In Japan. What is an all-black burger, you ask

Our Listen | Japan’s Phonon SMB-02 Subtonic Monitor Headphones

I’m a bit late to the game in talking about Phonon’s SMB-02 studio monitor headphones.  About six months ago, the folks at Mohawk General Store sent an email introducing the Japanese headphones to their in-store offering, alongside of vintage stereo components and their excellent selection of menswear. I was unfamiliar with Phonon, but quickly discovered a slew of rave reviews around their SMB-02.

Levi’s Launch #LevisBasics – Undergarments Inspired by Denim

Basics is one of the most, if not the most, important part of anyone’s dress. They should be protective, comfortable, functional.

Christian Swingers Spread God’s… Ergh… Love?

On today’s episode of The Daily Dispatch, a couple spreads the gospel by having sex with a lot of people, AT&T creates a hashtag to prevent people from texting and driving and a girl in Sydney is named a very unfortunate name. Victoria’s Secret Angels, Naked. You’re Welcome.: AskMen: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:!/AskMen Follow us on Foursquare: Let us know know your opinions by commenting below!

Building the Hypothetical “Perfect” Watch

The term “Frankenwatch” is pejorative, suggesting an impure timepiece cobbled together from parts of questionable origin and vintage. But ask watch collectors to name the best parts from any watch, and they’ll eventually dream up an imaginary watch that only a mad doctor could love. Here’s GP’s very own.

A Game For the Driving Enthusiast, Finally

Gear Patrol reviews Forza Horizon 2 after a three-day Xbox bender.

Minnesota-Made iPhone 6/6 Plus Wallets by Landmarks & Lions

Founded in 2010, Landmarks & Lions places emphasis on adjusting the techniques and aesthetic value of traditional leather craftsmanship and suiting it to the modern world. This season, they are reintroducing the functional Quantum collection of smartphone wallets for Fall/Winter 2014 — just in time for the iPhone 6.

Time Is Money: Braun and the Cool, Unsettling Bauhaus Watch

While testing out the new Braun BN0035 Chronograph, I find out why the midcentury modern design makes me (and many other watch collectors) feel uncomfortable. …

A Jacket Leonard DiCaprio Famously Wore in "Titanic" Is Being Auctioned Off, and Expected to Sell for $70,000

The jacket Leonardo DiCaprio wore in « Titanic » is going up for auction, and is expected to fetch $70,000.

Kit: Motorcycle Adventure Touring Gear

Heading out on the road with no set destinations and a couple of days to burn is a rite of passage for motorcycle riders. For a long weekend ride through Northern Ontario, Canada, GP’s Matt Neundorf turned to the Italians for the right gear: A Ducati for the ride; a two-piece suit, boots and gloves from Dainese and more

Ducati’s Perfect Tourer, the Multistrada 1200 S Granturismo

Every motorcycle enthusiast dreams of taking off for an epic adventure. It’s no surprise, then, that adventure motorcycles are the fastest-growing segment on two wheels. Ducati has clearly tapped into that ethos with the design of the Multistrada GT

Alexander Leathers for Private White V.C. Outerwear – Handmade in Scotland

Alexander Leathers , the Selkirk, Scotland-based leather garment manufacturers of over 260 years, create two pieces exclusively for Private White V.C. The items are a cafe racer steerhide jacket and a vest waistcoat , both hand-cut and constructed in the UK. They feature military-grade RIRI copper zippers that give the cinnamon brown outerwear a nice contrast and vintage feel.

Another High School Bans Tight Jeans and Leggings Because Guys Can’t Control Themselves

A high school in North Dakota banned tight jeans, leggings, and jeggings because they are apparently distractions to male students.

This Hilarious Mr. Bean Art History Series Is the Most Perfect Iteration So Far

Inserting Mr. Bean’s face into paintings makes them instantly more valuable to us.

Selectism Q&A | Felipe Oliveira Baptista of Lacoste – Backstage with Spring 2015

Moments after the finale of the Spring/Summer 2015 show, surrounded by mics, cameras, and selfie-enthusiasts, Lacoste ‘s patient creative director, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, takes time to talk through the latest line, a collection that seems to sum up the brand’s past and present best. Sporting heritage meets future-friendly tech fabrics, old-school sailing insignia across the most modern of cuts, classic polos with subtle new details, the famous Croc bridging old and new. Placing men’s and women’s side by side, life on the sea was the order of the day, this nautical heavy showing introducing smocks, parkas and slick regatta styles in fresh light.

Nigel Cabourn’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Comes Correct With Seasonal Staples and Military-Inspired Outerwear

Nigel Cabourn presents his Fall/Winter 2014 collection for his eponymous label.

This Week in Watches: September 30, 2014

This Week In Watches: a dive watch with a killer movement, Shinola gets sporty, CT Scuderia goes square, and Richard Mille takes on Chinese mythology. … Read More »

10 Steps To A Stronger & Longer Erection: Penis Fatigue

You want to save your money-shot for Miss Right, not Mr.

10 Steps To A Stronger & Longer Erection: Smoking & Drinking

Smoking cigarettes gives you bad circulation. And when you want to get down, the blood’s gotta be flowing

10 Steps To A Stronger & Longer Erection: Exercise

Do abdominal exercises. This will help your abdominal muscles support and hold your erection, as opposed to holding your belly.

10 Steps To A Stronger & Longer Erection: Medication

Medication for some ailments such as depression, social phobia, OCD, and anxiety are more and more common these days. But unfortunately, these medicines are murder on your erection

10 Steps To A Stronger & Longer Erection: Minimize Laptop Usage

This boner-killer might surprise you. Chances are you’re checking this video out on a laptop, and that piece of equipment might be messing with your piece of equipment

10 Steps To A Stronger & Longer Erection: Limit Sensitivity

The classic way to limit over-sensitivity is to wear a condom, which you should be doing anyway in a lot of cases. If you don’t need to wear a condom with your woman, you can try focusing on other things