Q’s Town and Country Style

Who is wearing the trendier suit in Goldfinger , James Bond or Q? Except for narrow lapels and covered buttons, Bond’s blue suit is classic in every way. Q’s (Desmond Llewelyn) solid brown tweed suit, however, has many features that date it to the 1960s

Today in Gear: April 24, 2014

Today in gear we examine, Brooklinen’s dreams of affordable sheets, an innovative mattress that packs down in a box, Evel Knieval’s trip to Oklahoma, NIke’s stealthy new driver, a 6 wheeled ATV and a subscription service for vapers. …


A Thursday snack from the kingdom of Denmark. The SOL OVER GUDHJEM (literally, ‘Sun over Gudhjem’), prepared with a raw egg yolk, chives and smoked herring on rye bread, is so-called for obvious reasons.

Tom Hardy in Burberry – ‘Locke’ Premiere, NYC

Tom Hardy / Burberry Tom Hardy attended the A24 and The Cinema Society premiere of ‘Locke’ at The Paley Center for Media on 22 April 2014 in New York City. Tom Hardy wore Burberry Tailoring for the red carpet event. Love Tom Hardy’s sleek back hair and the choice of the emerald green tie for the event

SOUTH2 WEST8 Nylon Canoe Sack and Trek Pack

Part of the ever-growing Nepenthes house,  South2 West8 reintroduces two popular (and frequently sold out) bags —  the nylon Canoe Sack and Trek Pack.

Side Project Skateboards for Jamboree Store, Handmade in the US

These unique vintage-inspired skateboards come to us from Side Project in collaboration with the Jamboree Store. The two have crafted seven limited-edition boards, designed in the UK and handmade from all-American materials from Texas (the two regions are Jamboree and SP’s origins, respectively). The boards take from surf and skate culture of the early ’60s, but are redefined with a modern sensibility.

ACF and Denham the Jeanmaker Tailor’s Apron for United Arrows & Sons

Denham the Jeanmaker and Art Comes First co-design a tailor’s apron exclusively for United Arrows & Sons . The apron is made of virgin denim cloth and Denham hardware and features interesting design details like “sport coat” collars. Numerous utility pockets including a scissors holder at the chest and white branding of the three involved finish off the worker’s garb

4 New Leather Cardholders from Vianel for Summer 2014

For Summer 2014, the young leather accessories brand Vianel add to their roster of goods with these Indonesian Ring Lizard cardholders in four new colorways. They are inspired by the natural light of Aurora, hence the almost neon colors, perfect for summer. As with all Vianel products, personalization is available with room for 26 custom characters embossed in gold.

How To Handle Divorce: You Will Find Happiness

Divorce isn’t the end, it’s just an end. There are plenty of chapters left in the book that is your life, and it’s important to know and believe that many of them are going to be more fantastic than you can probably imagine right now

How To Handle Divorce: Lawyer Up

Coming off a hostile divorce, most men don’t hesitate to get legal advice sooner rather than later. But even if you think the split between you and your ex-wife was amicable, don’t eschew legal counsel

How To Handle Divorce: Endulge In Bachelor Habits

Divorce isn’t all bad. It gives you an opportunity to get back in touch with a much earlier, arguably more primal version of yourself.

Tested: Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s Fire TV provides the best experience of any streaming device for consumers who’ve spent more than a few paychecks on the company’s media ecosystem. No question about it: if you live and die by Amazon Prime Instant Video, buy the Fire TV and rejoice

How To Handle Divorce: Reconnect With Old Friends

A lot of us tend to slowly drift away from past friends when we’re in a long-term relationship, let alone a marriage. Sometimes it happens very slowly, over the course of years.

How To Handle Divorce: Be Compassionate With Yourself

We find that there are typically two types of responses men have when dealing with a divorce.

How To Handle Divorce: Self Reflect

When you’re deep in a relationship, it can be easy to lose focus of who you are as an individual. That happens to tons of guys, but now that you’re single again, think of it as the perfect opportunity to really think about yourself. Reflect on the ways you’ve grown and the ways you still need to grow

How To Handle Divorce: Get Back In The Game

Depending upon how long you were married, you might find that the dating world is somewhat unrecognizable to you. The good thing is that there are a lot more options out there than there once were

How To Handle Divorce: Recognize Sunk Cost

In economics, a sunk cost is past investment that has already been paid and cannot be recovered. Unfortunately, in an attempt to derive value from poor investments we often try to justify or invest further despite it not being in our best interests. It’s why we pour needless money into poor purchases of cars or homes that require constant repairs.

How To Handle Divorce: Get A New Hobby

There are probably a lot of negatives in your life right now, so it’s very important to try to arm yourself with as many positives as possible. One of the best things you can do is to take on a new hobby

How To Handle Divorce: Forgive Her

This is the hardest step of all, but the most important in truly moving on with your life. If your divorce is anything like most divorces, both of you shared a part in the blame, and if you can forgive her, you can probably forgive just about anyone. Forgiveness is an important exercise for our well-being and mental health

Tommy Hilfiger Addresses Whether Hip-Hop Negatively Affected His Brand

« Chasing trends was easy but it was dangerous. »

The Gourmand and Ace & Tate “Kings and Carrots” Sunglasses

Ace & Tate work with contemporary food journal, The Gourmand , to celebrate Holland’s first King’s Day. The national holiday has strong ties with carrots and the color orange — the hue of the Dutch royal family — hence the orange-tinted lenses found on the Caramel Havana Jack frames

Selectism Buyer’s Guide | 20 Smartphone Cases

If you haven’t already, it’s time to make a longer-term commitment to your smartphone protector. Some of you may even hold much more than just your phone in these things, like your ID, credit cards, cash and subway passes, aka your life.

Tested: Mophie Space Pack

Mophie’s Space Pack for the iPhone 5/5s combines extra battery power with up to 32GB of additional storage, promising to fixing two of the phone’s biggest shortcomings in one convenient package. …

Listen to Miranda Kerr’s Singing Debut in Elvis Presley’s “You’re the Boss”

Miranda Kerr sure is busy these days, what with her birthday/Easter film , and now, a new song. Making her musical debut, the supermodel sings Elvis Presley ‘s 1960s hit,  You’re the Boss , along with Bobby Fox, showing off her unsurprisingly sultry singing voice in lyrics like “Baby you’re a genius when it comes to cooking up some chili sauce.” Take a listen below.

Full of Grace

If you watched The September Issue , you know Grace Coddington is a fan of photography.

Selectism Visits | Correspondances Concept Shop, Geneva

Continuing our Visits to some of the world’s most interesting spaces, we take a small trip to concept store Correspondances located in Geneva, Switzerland. If you’re into brands like  Engineered Garments , Stone Island , Ten C , Common Projects , Nike , Gitman , Mismo , Cote & Ciel or Wings + Horns , Correspondances might well be an excellent source as its biggest draw clearly lays in its exclusive selection. The folks behind it explain, “We believe Geneva is a fantastic place to live but lacks some spaces proposing high-quality, genuine products — in particular, for men. You can find the usual suspects of high-end luxury brands, watch makers and cheap brands, but very limited options for independent labels and more creatively interesting products

FEIT Goes All Natural for Its New Hand Sewn Hi and Low Kicks

Dope shoe without all the funky smells.

Tested: Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Fitting right between the Indie filmmaker’s DSLR and Hollywood studio’s Arri Alexa, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera ($2,000), with its 13 stops of dynamic range and 2.5K sensor, makes filmmakers jump for joy.

Preview the “Italian Design Icons” Exhibit at the Triennale Design Museum

The Triennale Design Museum open “Italian Design Icons,” an exhibition showcasing objects from the 1930s to present day “that have shaped and defined creative development in Italy.” Among over 650 works, visitors can view an old typewriter, wooden bicycle, and retro motor scooter as well as historic artifacts by the likes of Salvatore Ferragamo and more.

Exclusive: Nike Updates The Tech Pack With The Tech Hyperfuse Collection

Now we have a reason to look forward to summer.

The 50 Best Mobile Games

Consoles don’t provide much in the way of portability (anyone else ever own this masterpiece of engineering ?), and grown men carrying Gameboys often attract the wrong kind of attention, but mobile games offer interactive experiences on the devices that most of us carry every day. They allow us a bit of serenity when we need it most — in the airport, on the subway, at a questionable mid-life Bris

3 Suede Styles from Mark McNairy Spring/Summer 2014

Mark McNairy gives you three choices of suede footwear with this trio.

The Selby Heads to Tokyo to Meet Punk Leather Designers Blackmeans

Part of the Fashionable Selby  book, delving into the space of global fashion-y folk including Dries Van Noten and Nicola Formichetti, here we get a peek into the life and designs of the Blackmeans crew. Founders and hardcore punks Yujiro Komatsu, Takatomo Ariga, and Masatomo Ariga keep that DIY spirit alive with their handmade takes on old leathers, mixing and matching new elements, chopping off sleeves and getting stud happy for their loyal band of followers/customers

Beck in Saint Laurent – Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Beck / Source: Karl Walter/Getty Images North America | Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2014 Beck performed on day 3 of the 2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club on April 20, 2014 in Indio, California. Beck wore a black suit jacket in wool gabardine, over a Hawaiian printed silk shirt and black jeans, all from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. Beck / Source: Karl Walter/Getty Images North America | Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2014 Beck also changed into another Saint Laurent outfit, consisting of a black jacket with double buttons over a red silk shirt with small black triangles print and black denims.

Today in Gear: April 23, 2014

Today in gear we examine Lytro’s professional-grade light field camera, Madden Equipment’s convertible brief, Colson Whitehead’s take on gambling and jerky, Sleepy Jones’ Spalding boxer briefs and RipCurl’s smart watch for surfers. … Read More »

The Rossignoli Garibaldi 71 Bicycle by Themocracy and Thomas Sandell

Swedish bicycle and accessories company, Themocracy , team up with renowned architect, Thomas Sandell, to present their stunning collaboration on the Rossignoli Garibaldi 71 bicycle. Combining ‘Scandinavian beauty with Italian heritage and handcraft’, the bicycle is proudly handmade in Milan and features a selection of chrome accents added by Mr.Sandell, including the break-wires and pedals as well as a Brooks saddle and grips and the option to add a three speed gear box. If you’re lucky enough to live in Scandinavia, you can order one here .

Architects Richard & Su Rogers Colorful 1968 London Home for Sale at The Modern House

The Modern House website serves two purposes. Firstly, to provide a place to go for those looking to purchase the most interesting and original modern architecture in the UK. Secondly, to lure you into spending an hour at your laptop snooping through beautiful homes when you’re supposed to be working

The Pocket Jacket

T he Pocket Jacket from Private White VC is based on a Hunting Jacket from Private Jack White’s own archive.

Kitsuné Tote Bag

F or me, this bag has a single purpose; to contain sandy clothing and wet towels when I’m leaving the beach.

Lotuff Leather Head to Marfa,Texas for Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook

An exclusive for Barneys, Lotuff Leather head off to Marfa, Texas with photography duo Sarah and Stefaan of Miles and Miles for Spring/Summer 2014. The lookbook picks out some classic styles from the range including duffle bags, zip pouches and totes in full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather. No fuss goods with the minimum of detailing, see the lookbook in our gallery and read the accompanying interview over here .

Danner Stumptown Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook – City and Beyond

Danner put together this great set of images displaying their Spring/Summer 2014 Stumptown collection for men and women.


Certains membres du Blenheim Gang ne se refusent rien : belles voitures, femmes fatales, soirées somptueuses et loisirs dispendieux.

Valet. Advocates: The All-Weather Jacket

A lightweight cover that looks sharps, keeps inclement weather at bay and won’t cost you too much.


The runaway retail success that is TRÈS BIEN of MALMÖ has just spawned a sunglasses brand that goes by the cheeky name of SUN BUDDIES. For the avoidance of confusion, for now there are just three models, Type 01, Type 02 and Type 03. Here we have Type 02 shape (perfect for girls!) in grey acetate with MOSSY GREEN lenses by the ophthalmic institution that is CARL ZEISS.


During WW2 composite sqdn 41 was operating from USS Makin Island (CVE93) the squadron’s patch was designed by Disney’s studio and depicts a boxing gloves wearing vulture carrying a torpedo……

Watch a Snippet of Raf Simons’s “Dior and I” Documentary

With the debut of documentary Dior and I at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival this month, the film releases a video snippet of “the night before the show.” Atelier workers hand-embroider fine sequins onto an even finer silk gown while Raf Simons offers them drinks of champagne to celebrate. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Dior couture house and watch the film if you get the chance. More info here .

See the Glowing “Garage” Lake House Renovated from a WWII Boathouse

Conceptual design studio Graypants, based out of both Amsterdam and Seattle, create the award-winning “Garage” lake house, transformed from an old World War II boathouse. The house is a blend of art and architecture, featuring many hidden and transformative features such as the fold-away furniture disguised below the wooden panel flooring

Preview the Timberland Boot Co. Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Portsmouth is a quintessential New England city tucked in the southeast corner of New Hampshire and home to an incredible list of local businesses, both new and old. Companies like Baileyworks, Independent Fabrications, and Grain Surf are just some examples of businesses that stay true to the industrial history of the state while servicing their consumers on a global level and keeping focus on everything that is good about local manufacturing

Exclusive Nicolas Buffe Scarves for Hermès Ginza

Maison  Hermès  Ginza introduces a limited-edition series of scarves designed by up-and-coming artist Nicolas Buffe . The French artist takes heavy cue from Japanese culture and iconography and uses his unique style across four scarves.

Inside OPENHOUSE Magazine Issue 1 – Private Spaces Become Public

Openhouse magazine prepares to launch their debut issue, a twice-yearly publication that “looks to bright, creative people from around the world, who open the doors of their private spaces to the public.” Barcelona-based founders Andrew Trotter and Mari Luz Vidal have opened up their home/office themselves, offering a gallery space and regular supper clubs.

For Sale: Catherine Deneuve’s French Chataeu

Thanks to a little tweet from Luxuo , I was alerted to the fact that French actress and style icon Catherine Deneuve is selling her house in the Loire Valley, Chateau de Primard .

Breakdown: Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph

At BaselWorld2014, Patek Philippe introduced the Travel Time Chronograph, reference 5990-1 ($57,300) , the latest in the continuing evolution of the now-iconic Nautilus.

This Week in Watches: April 22, 2014

This Week in Watches we examine Timexes gone large, Fliegers gone small, space Luminoxes, ceramic Bell & Rosses and more. …

Beach-Ready Bags by D’Emploi for Summer 2014

D’Emploi  present a beach-centric Summer 2014 collection lookbook packed full of weekend-ready bags. The young label, nestled in Brooklyn’s Knickerbocker MFG Co , develops and produces all product in-house with a small team of skilled craftsmen.

The Rise of the Fashion Watch

It wasn’t so long ago that watches with fashion brand names on their dials were routinely dismissed as pretenders, mere arm candy for people with more money than good sense or taste.

Morgan Motor Company 100-Year Anniversary Plus 8 Speedster

Morgan Motor Company  has maintained a real sense of old world craft and heritage as they have built cars in the same Pickersleigh Road factory since 1914. Many workers have worked at the Morgan factory for upwards of 30 to 40 years, passing down artisanal knowledge to generations of craftsmen. Celebrating 100 years in the making, the specialty automaker introduces the limited-edition Plus 8 Speedster inspired by an era long gone. But the car is packed with up-to-date tech specs like the 367 hp BMW V8 power that is more than enough to get the small two-seater moving. Stay tuned for the car to release this June 2014 and watch the video below

Denim Under Tweed

After seeing him on Hodinkee a few weeks ago , I knew that I would never have John Goldberger’s watch collection, charming accent, or swept back hair. I thought, however, that I could at least get something that looked like his shirt. That denim shirt, layered underneath a hard-finished tweed and paired with some tan chinos, seems like it makes for a great, casual look

See the Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2014 Runway in Shanghai

After venturing outside of Paris for the first time last Spring/Summer 2014, Dior Homme has now shown its runway collection in Asia three times in the past year. Its latest parade took place in Shanghai’s newly open Long Museum, showcasing a more visually-enhanced version of their Paris show with digitally projected and imposed backgrounds. Creative director Kris Van Assche spoke to the importance of the expansion of Dior Homme into Asian markets, saying he is “not only working for French guys.” It will be interesting to see how successful Dior continues to be commercially among the ever-growing Asian consumers.

For Tissot at MotoGP, Milliseconds Create Order from Chaos

In racing, timing is judge, jury and executioner. Tissot, Official Timekeepers for all MotoGP races since 2001, are burdened with the proof of milliseconds. In this world of speed, their instrumentation deciphers the metrics of order within the chaos of twenty-three riders piloting 230 horsepower motorcycles at 220 mph.

Madden Equipment Outdoors Accessories Relaunch After 10 Year Hiatus

Colorado-based backpack brand, Madden Equipment , relaunch back onto the market after a decade in the woodwork, offering revised versions of their classics, accompanied with some more modern styles and features like a handy spot for your laptop. Started by Dan Madden in 1974 for the purpose of providing his Outward Bound students with a reliable bag option while on their adventures, the bag brand is back in the game with the vision of providing the same unbeatable quality of the first batch, but designed to have the style for city use as well

Goldeneye | The Estate That Bond Built

While Ian Fleming himself never liked to be compared to the fictitious secret agent that he wrote to life during his twilight years, Mr. Fleming and James Bond were kindred spirits through and through.

Big Thanks to Belle!

Big thanks to Belle Magazine in Australia for featuring me in their Luxe Files page in the May 2014 issue. If you can’t find it on the newsstand or read the small font below, you can order it online at Zinio .

RPMWEST Affordable Japanese Denim Jeans in 5 Fabric Choices

One year on from their first Kickstarter campaign, San Francisco’s RPMWEST release another great deal with an extended offering. Their mission, to offer premium Japanese denim constructed in America at affordable prices, obviously appealed with the initial batch a sell out.

Spirit of Meisterstück: Montblanc Meisterstück 90 Years Collection

Manufactured in Hamburg since 1924, the Meisterstück fountain pen embodies Montblanc’s quest for perfection.

Dana Lee Suggest a Softer Spring/Summer 2014

Soft ‘n gentle New York brand Dana Lee present a characteristically laid-back line for Spring/Summer 2014. Loose fit cashmere blend sweatshirts, floral print button down cotton shirts, sun washed tank tops, ’50s style open collar shirts, twill chinos and 8oz  linen-blend denim work jackets, the kind of clothing that suggests lounging but, you know, outdoors.

ECOALF and Cool Hunting Limited-Edition Packable Anorak for Earth Day 2014

Cool Hunting co-founders Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten release this limited-edition anorak with ECOALF to celebrate Earth Day today. The extremely lightweight and waterproof green pullover has contrasting camo zippers at the front and compacts nicely into a self-collapsible pouch. In true Earth Day spirit, the anorak is made from recycled fishing nets.

The Real McCoys M–65 (2 Years Wear)

S uperdenim just shared some detail shots of well worn M–65 made by The Real McCoy’s, with two years of wear and tear.

Engineered Garments Shooting Vest

T his hunting-inspired vest from Engineered Garments is going to save you from stuffing your wallet, keys, cell-phone, sunglasses, gum, pen and USB drive into your shorts, avoiding two bulbous masses on each thigh.

Topo Designs Release Minimal Cordura “Trail Pack”

Newness from Topo Designs as they present their soon to arrive Trail Pack. Designed to offer a more minimal, no-fuss, every day option, as you’d expect from the brand this one is still made to last. Constructed with durable 500d Cordura and thin seatbelt webbing straps, an aluminum hook keeps the entire backpack closed with an inner drawstring to prevent you stuff tumbling out

Golden Bear Harrington Jacket – The Tiburon in Spring 2014 Colors

San Francisco outerwear fiends Golden Bear offer their take on the Harrington with continuing favourite, The Tiburon. This particular model caught our eye for its lack of an elasticated waistband and lining, offering a lightweight, neater cut. A cotton poly blend twill fabric, wale corduroy lined cuff and collar, corozo nut buttons, this slim fit jacket, perfect for Spring, is available in Red, Blue, Green, Khaki and Charcoal.

김복혜 씨가 모아둔 찰라의 기억들 – Kim Boske(킴 보스케)의 I go walking in your landscape

김복혜 씨가 모아둔 찰라의 기억들 – Kim Boske(킴 보스케)의 I go walking in your landscape Untitled (Flower), 2013 ⓒ박여숙화랑&킴보스케 멋 그리고 멋내기…..

Poglia&Co Handmade Knives NY

Poglia&Co Handmade Knives NY