What to do with a full grown beard? Shave it off is one option, of course

Artist and Photographer Tony Kelly Drops His First Photo Book, "TONY’S TOYS"

Beautiful women shot with male toy dolls makes for a funny and interesting collection of images.

The Dianese 36060 Capsule – Motorcycle Gear for Casual Riders

Last week, we had the pleasure of taking a first look at Dianese’s latest collection of riding gear. Traditionally, people tend to associate Dianese with the high-octane style of riding that transpires on racetracks.

Visvim Designer Hiroki Nakamura Details the Brand’s Intricate Dyeing Process and His Inspirations in This Stunning Video

Visvim designer Hiroki Nakamura walks us through his inspirations, the dyeing process, and his future goals in this stunning video.

Decrypted: Blacked Out Friday

It’s that time again.

Fear of God Founder Jerry Lorenzo Discusses His Brand’s Origins and Signature Aesthetic

Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo discusses the origins of his brand as well as its luxury streetwear aesthetic.

Mark Rothko, Georges Seurat and Andy Warhol as Thanksgiving Food

San Francisco-based Hannah Rothstein is a self-proclaimed painter, illustrator, writer, jeweler and Up-to-No-Gooder. Fortunately, aligning yourself with the Up-to-No-Gooders of the world does not strictly exclude one from being a do-gooder, which Rothstein most certainly is. In celebration of Thanksgiving, the artist has created 25 signed, limited edition prints depicting how famous artists would plate their Thanksgiving meals

Artist Jay Shells Paints a Mos Def #RapQuotes Mural in Brooklyn

The artist goes bigger with his « The Rap Quotes » project in Bushwick thanks to JMZ Walls.

Elements: Black Friday

Stay home, avoid getting pepper-sprayed over a discounted 42-inch Panasonic, check out the best blacked-out gear on Black Friday. …

Retour aux originaux – M41, M43, M51 et M65

26C omme vous le savez, sur For The Discerning Few , nous aimons particulièrement le vêtement qui a une histoire. Quoi de mieux que de se tourner alors vers les modèles originaux.

Designed for How We Live – J. Panther Luggage Co. Bags

The old saying “the way you carry yourself determines how you reflect in the eyes of others” is an axiom for self-awareness and holding oneself to a higher standard in the frenetic world we live in today.

Six Fall Liqueurs for Better Fall Cocktails

Don’t be the guy who brings pumpkin spice vodka to a Friendsgiving gathering. Buck the yoke of that pumpkin carriage this year with these six autumnal liqueurs and recipes. …

"Widespread Civil Unrest" Has Caused Museum Closures in St. Louis

The protests in and around Ferguson have prompted art museums to close their doors.

Drapeau Noir’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Delivers Another Round of Basics

French brand Drapeau Noir presents its Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Exclusive Look at SHAUNS California’s Winter Sunglasses

In good news of the day: SHAUNS  will unveil a new eyewear capsule for mid-winter next month.

10 Snowstorm Essentials Every Stylish Guy Should Own

This is how you should gear up for the inevitable snowstorms that you’ll encouter this winter.

wings+horns Just Released a Robe You’ll Never Want to Take Off

The robe features sweatshirt-inspired details include front patch pockets, rub cuffs, a herringbone tape neck seam and three-panel hood.

Reigning Champ FW Gear

I t’s a great feeling to be able to shop for basic essentials like sweatpants and sweatshirts, to shorts or t-shirts, all made in your own backyard.

TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The SoloIst. Take on The Sock Monkey

Whether or not the TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The SoloIst. version of this classic American sock can actually be transformed into its monkey alter ego has yet to be seen. However, the wearable form of Fox River’s iconic Rockford Red Heel  is very much present in this new take

The Best Sweatpants to Be Fat In

Following the Thanksgiving feast, these are the sweatpants you’re going to want to slide into.

The 2-in-1 Tumi Packable Down “Pax” Jacket & Pillow

Stepping aside from their tough, hardwearing and straight up handsome luggage line, Tumi also offer ways to stay warm and comfortable with some fresh, versatile, outerwear, the “Pax” Patrol Travel jacket keeping it functional with a two-in-one design. As a layer, it performs as a water-resistant, down-filled, lightweight jacket with engineered seams for a neat fit. On your travels, it transforms into a neck pillow through a hidden pouch in the neck and a simple roll ‘n fold action.

#WishlistWednesday – 50 Shades Of Grey

We don’t have Black Friday sales in the UK, but we do have 50 Shades Of Grey (weather). Presenting my 50 favourite items, no shade please. JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser.

Blue Blue Japan Indigo Sweats & Casuals for Fall 2014

Having admired the smarter side of Blue Blue Japan ‘s indigo handiwork, we turn our attention to the kind of clothing you’d happily wear for activities such as TV watching or heading down to the shop to buy a Snickers. Sweats, tees and casuals all Made in Japan, the label excels once again with some beautiful dyeing techniques that span a range of color depth and technique including a Shibori dot tee with its superb, uneven finish

There Is a Billboard in Atlanta With Banksy’s "Christmas Card," Just in Time for the Holidays

An organization is using the artwork to raise awareness in America of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Portfolio Review: Meet the Sizoo Brothers, Teen Photographers From the Netherlands Who Are Killing It on Instagram

We caught up with the brothers after their Instagram blog feature to discuss a few of their favorite photographs.

Kazuki Kuraishi Presents Solo Label – The Fourness

“The FOURNESS is more focused on men’s fashion elements – I design detailed tailored jacket and shirts, adding a stronger preference of fabric, stitching and silhouette” Kazuki Kuraishi tells us when we sat down with him earlier this month . No doubt Mr.Kuraishi is a talented man, with a portfolio of designs to put anyone to shame. His work with Clark’s, Adidas, Neighbourhood, Cash Ca and A.FOUR have sailed him into a special spot in menswear heaven, no question


Cross all those TRAMPS off your shopping list…  Totes $14     |     short sleeve T’s $19     |     long sleeve T’s $24 CLICK HERE TO SHOP

Artist Per Kristian Nygard Fills Gallery Space with Grassy Landscape

Norwegian artist Per Kristian Nygård creates an incredible installation at non-profit gallery NoPlace based in Oslo. Entitled “NOT RED BUT GREEN” a hilly, rolling landscape of grassy mounds fills a white walled room, seemingly stretching back forever. Intending to create something that “doesn’t make sense,” Nygård formed the installation the hard way, growing the piece from seed and soil

vintage langlitz leather jacket

vintage langlitz leather jacket


Lorsque nous avons rencontré Hugo sur la ligne de départ du BCRR au volant d’une Volvo 142 vaillante mais passablement défraichie, nous étions loin d’imaginer qu’il était rompu depuis longtemps à la résurection d’autos agonisantes. Portrait d’un chasseur de barnfind : Parle-nous un peu de tes premières sorties de grange. Mon père et moi sommes passionnés par les véhicules anciens


Gary McBournie and James Andrew at the Holiday House NYC I do love a show house — it’s such fun to see what my fellow interior designers are up, and of course it’s also gratifying to support a good charity.

Today in Gear: November 26, 2014

Today in Gear: a modern De Nîmes Jacket, Brooks England’s practical rain cape, Rukket’s acclaimed practice net, Belgian Grand Prix prints, everyday smart gadgets and more. … Read More »


Any reader who has not experienced this miraculous form of relaxation is advised to stop whatever they are doing and track down a practitioner as a matter of some urgency. The GOLF BALL MASSAGE is just what is purports to be, namely the therapeutic rolling of balls – two at a time – over the skin, using the hands, of course, but also the forearms and elbows.

Joe Cross’ 5 Quick Tips Just May Save Your Life – Here’s How

It’s no secret that Joe Cross is a healthy guy. The director of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead knows a thing or two about healthy living and he wants to pass that knowledge on to anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle. So here are five tips from Joe that are sure to make you feel better on the inside and out

Neil Barrett Walks Us Through His Exclusive Collection for MR PORTER

MR PORTER doesn’t stop. And apparently, neither does Neil Barrett . Barrett is the latest designer to team with the luxury e-tailer, offering a concise six-piece collection comprising exclusives that can seamlessly mix and match with men’s existing wardrobes. MR PORTER and Barrett have been producing the collection since January of this year, the fruits of which have finally come out today.

Swizz Beatz Will Exhibit D*Face, Swoon, Cleon Paterson, Lyle Owerko, and Sandra Chevrier at SCOPE Miami Beach 2014

Swizz talks about the artists that he will be showing in his upcoming « The Dean Collection » exhibition in Miami.

3sixteen Introduce the Type 3s Denim Jacket, a Throwback to Classic Levi’s

New York’s denim purveyor  3sixteen  introduce the Type 3s denim jacket, an homage to a classic Levi’s throwback. Crafted from their custom woven 14.5-oz selvedge denim, the jacket is available in two varieties that each possess distinct fading properties. The “ shadow ” denim features indigo warp and black weft yarns that lend for an electric blue fade while the “ double black ” fades to grey with proper wear.

Boots. Just Boots.

“Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” This idiom dates back to the 19th century when men wore tall boots which they had to pull on using loops at the mouth of the boot. Overtime, the phrase came to describe the act of overcoming an obstacle using nothing but your own willpower, and that’s how we still use it today

Reflections and the Bourbon Boom

We’ve been making a lot of noise lately about our shitshow of an adventure in Kentucky.

Ovadia & Sons Is Hosting a Seasonal Sample Sale You Won’t Want to Miss

Ovadia & Sons is hosting another awesome sample from Dec.

People Are Getting Pubic Hair Transplants in Korea

Experts estimate that the popularity of the procedure is growing, with demand increasing by 160 percent since 2010.

Inside Private White V.C.’s New Flagship in Mayfair, London

Duke Street, London has seen a crop of exciting retail concepts lately, starting from S.E.H Kelly’s pop-up at Vitsoe to E.Tautz’s first flagship . Around the same time these two opened, Private White V.C. also set up shop in the North Mayfair area, a 2,000 square foot, two-story space modeled after their existing  Manchester Factory and Lamb’s Conduit Street store

André Leon Talley Is Now the Style Director for’s New Wearable Tech Device,

André Leon Talley is selected as the unlikely style director for’s new wearable tech device, PULS.

Jurassic World Trailer Is No Spielberg Film… See Why! | ToF

The Jurassic World trailer is officially here and there are exactly what you’d expect from a Jurassic Park movie – more new dinosaurs and just all around bad ideas. AskMen: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:!/AskMen Follow us on Foursquare: Let us know know your opinions by commenting below!

Jurassic World Trailer And It’s No Spielberg Film… See Why | ToF

The Jurassic World trailer is officially here and there are exactly what you’d expect from a Jurassic Park movie – more new dinosaurs and just all around bad ideas.


The Jurassic World trailer is officially here and there are exactly what you’d expect from a Jurassic Park movie – more new dinosaurs and just all around bad ideas. AskMen: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:!/AskMen Follow us on Foursquare: Let us know know your opinions by commenting below!

Handcrafted Leather Watch Straps in Fall Colors from Stockholm’s Bravur

The watchmakers at Bravur have an atypical plan for warming up your wrist this fall. They’ve introduced a new collection of watches with handcrafted leather straps, in four rich colorways. Influenced by Stockholm’s autumn foliage, the collection “embraces how the seasons shift our city and bring warmth in color instead of temperature.” Each singularly textured watch strap is made from vegetable-tanned Italian leather meant to develop character with wear and age.

Meet the Parents: What to Wear To Look Like a Decent Guy This Thanksgiving

Before you agree to meet your gir’s parents on Thanksgiving for the first time, consider what you should wear to make the ultimate first impression.

Here’s a First Look at Cara Delevingne in the Upcoming Film "Pan"

The film « Pan » is set to release in summer 2015 and features a star-studded cast.

Selectism Q&A | John Park, Founder of Natural Selection Denim

Park’s growth and evolution as a designer has indeed been very natural, expanding his line from being a strictly denim brand to a full men’s ready-to-wear line. We spoke with John about his brand, his evolution as a designer and what’s to come for Spring/Summer 2015 and beyond. You launched Natural Selection in 2009 — What were you doing before then?

People in Glass Houses

I was lucky enough be invited to stay at the Chafen’s new house in Napa Valley when I visited them. It is located a short drive from the Dutch Henry Winery but has its own vineyard outside the front door that had just been planted

Street Artist Damon Davis Installed Powerful "Hands Up" Posters on Boarded-Up Shops in Ferguson

The symbols of solidarity have been called the « most important street art in America. »

Sales of Beard Nets Are Skyrocketing Because of Hipster Cooks

A company that makes facial hair nets has seen its sales skyrocket.

Hippopotamus for N.Hoolywood Mil-Spec Cotton & Bamboo Fiber Towel

N.Hoolywood collaborated with Japan’s Hippopotamus for a Mil-Spec towel.

10 Best Bourbons Not From Kentucky

The rise of craft American whiskey now extends beyond the bourbon belt.

Turn Your Mundane Photos Into Modern Art With the Simplify.ThatSh.It Web App

This program uses computer algorithms to reduce digital photos to their basic graphic elements.

This Is What the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Was Like in the ’90s

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is happening next week and to mark the occassion Harper’s Bazaar has put together a visual history of the show.

Inside Shinola’s New Los Angeles Flagship

Shinola open their doors for the first time in the West Coast with the unveiling of their flagship in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood. The fine watchmaker has been spreading their American-made ethos well beyond their humble beginnings in Detroit — This particular LA store is a quick succession to their London store that opened earlier this month. You know the deal, expect to find their full range of watches, leather goods, knick-knacks and bicycles at the new location

Grooming Shortcuts Every Guy Should Know

If you’re a man who’s short on time, learn these helpful grooming hacks to stay looking fresh and clean.

Tender Co. – Type 980 Dart Shoulder Jacket

E ach season Tender Co. continues to build steadily upon the last, further elevating and finessing the details of their line and essentially, their craft

Everything You Need to Know About the Penfield x Saucony Collaboration

We talked to Ben Allnutt, head of design at Penfield, about the Penfield x Saucony Shadow Original Collaboration.

Stay: Hotel Hugo SoHo

Peering over the Hudson River from between two iconically New York red brick buildings, the brand new Hotel Hugo SoHo features a mix of modern urban escape and industrial warmth.

The Residences at The Miami Beach Editions by Ian Schrager & John Pawson

Two penthouses side by side units purchased for $34 million last year, a record-breaking high for the area,  The Residences at The Miami Beach EDITIONS  take luxury to new levels.

How to Dress to Survive Your Thanksgiving Weekend

It’s a long weekend, here’s what you need to survive every part of your Thanksgiving holiday.

Mickalene Thomas Becomes the Latest Artist to Collaborate With Bedell Cellars on a Custom Wine Bottle Label

The limited edition wine bottles are the latest in a series of artist collaborations with the winery.

Edwin by Cookson & Clegg – Made in England Denim

Edwin hand over the reigns for a unique project with Cookson & Clegg . Based in Lancashire, this work and military-wear specialist has been building the toughest of garments since 1860, their first products; leather workwear for coal delivery men.

Interview: LVRS Co-Creator WATTS Talks About Curating Art on Instagram

WATTS has build an Instagram following sharing work by talented artists.

Nepenthes’s New Fall/Winter 2014 Editorial Will Make You Shop at the Store

Japanese retailer Nepenthes presents its latest Fall/Winter 2014 editorial, « Spirit of Place. »

TOAST Reference Hockney for Spring 2015 Collection

TOAST take inspiration from Hockney’s recent Dulwich Picture Gallery exhibition for next Summer’s line-up, referencing the artist’s famed personal style as well as his popular print work.

EJDER Taps #BEEN TRILL#, 3. Paradis, and More in Its Fall/Winter 2014 Editorial

UK retailer EJDER presents its selection of season must-haves in its Fall/Winter 2014 editorial, « What Is Rightfully Ours.”

10 Incredible Images of an Underwater Museum

These are some of the coolest underwater sculptures on the planet.

Inside the Rig Out Magazine – Issue Eight

The UK fellas over at The Rig Out show off their talents once again with the latest issue of the magazine, marking their eighth edition in business. Another well-tailored mix of “photography, footwear and stories,” bringing in the skills of photographers Noah Kalina, Joshua Gordon, Elliot Kennedy, Mehdi Lacoste and resident picture-taker Antony Crook. Sorting your reading material are Calum Gordon (of Contemporary Menswear ), Matthias ‘Wulf Boy’ Connor and more

Take a Tour of the New 10 Corso Como Store – Beijing

Taking up 1,100 square meters on the fourth floor at Shin Kong Place in Beijing, 10 Corso Como follow up last year’s Shanghai opening with a (literally) shiny new location. Bold interiors by artist Kris Ruhs, described as the city’s “first international concept destination of curated art, design, fashion, and cuisine in a single place” will showcase exhibitions, emerging designers, collaboration collections, books and accessories as well as its usual offerings from the likes of Raf Simons , Margiela and Comme des Garcons alongside a spa, with a fancypants restaurant and patisserie for post-shopping snacks. 10 Corso Como Beijing  – Shin Kong Place Janguo Road, 87 – Beijing The post Take a Tour of the New 10 Corso Como Store – Beijing appeared first on Selectism .

A visit to the Mulberry factory in Somerset

Recognise the iconic Mulberry tree logo above? We visited the Mulberry factory in Somerset recently, about two and a bit hours by train away from London. We visited The Willows, which is their second UK factory in Somerset, after The Rookery which is not too far down the road

Today in Gear: November 25, 2014

Today in Gear: Band & Olufsen headphones, velvet slippers, old-school football jerseys and more. … Read More »

Get to Know: Levi’s Vintage Clothing

The most authentic jeans you can buy today–made the same way they were half a century ago. (Special Promotion)


The well-publicised Greek meltdown of a few years back has had the curious side effect that Athens – with all its local start-ups by bright young Athenians who would perhaps once have been lured elsewhere – is more exciting than ever! Thanks to the gorgeous Greek Mr. PANOS KOSTOUROS for introducing FANTASTIC MAN to the joys of one such local find

How To Talk To Women with Shimmy

We asked Daniel Shim to give us his pointers on how to talk to women. Also, watch How Not To Be A Creep Don’t forget to subscribe! Don’t forget to like this video and leave a comment! Thanks again Daniel Shim for collaborating with AskMen! AskMen: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow Shimmy at

Inside Shinola’s New State-of-the-Art Watch Dial Factory in Detroit

Watch dial manufacturing has long left American shores; the process started moving to Second World countries like China, Taiwan and India decades ago.

The Flirtmoji App Takes Your Sexting Game to a Whole New Level

The new app includes lots of stickers that capture exactly what you’re trying to say.


In day five of our Kentucky Bourbon Trail adventure, we soak in the last rays of Kentucky sun, watch a group pick their own single barrel of Woodford Reserve, and more. … Read More »

How Bourbon is Made

We toured 12 distilleries in a five-day blitz, asking everyone we met to walk us through the bourbon-making process.

Hand Selecting Barrels with Chris Morris of Woodford Reserve

“For liquor stores, whiskey bars, restaurants — having a private barrel label is basically their way of saying ‘This is how we like our whiskey.’” Tom Fischer, the founder of BourbonBlog and a frequent judge at many spirits and cocktail competitions, told me over the phone after we got back from Kentucky. “So it allows them to put that bottle on a shelf and say, you know, ‘This is something we went to Kentucky and we picked up

Levi’s Covered the San Francisco 49ers’ Field With Almost 19,000 Pairs of Jeans

Levi’s turns the San Francisco 49ers’ field into a « Field of Jeans » with almost 19,000 pairs of donated jeans.

Peter Jensen Designs Maison Kitsuné’s Holiday 2014 Capsule

Danish designer Peter Jensen lends Maison Kitsuné  his talent for a special Holiday 2014 capsule.

VILLA Teams Up With Timberland, New Era, and Stance Socks for a Limited-Edition Box Set

VILLA launches special box set that combines its « Sweet Potatoes » collection created with Timberland, New Era, and Stance Socks.

We’re Giving Away a Full Nike Tech Fleece Pack With JD Sports

We’ve teamed up with JD Sports to give away an entire Nike Tech outfit.

Stephen Kenn Travel Cocktail Kit

What happens when you bring together a furniture and accessories designer and a company with “Gin” prominently in its title? If you’re lucky — which we have been — they work together to invent a portable cocktail kit that is as functional as it is attractive. While Los Angeles-based Stephen Kenn is wholly responsible for the design of the miniature speakeasy, he did get a touch of mixology help from the folks at Gin&Luck when it came to writing the included cocktail book

This Hilarious Old Spice Commercial Is the Best One Yet

Old Spice debuts its hilarious « Dadsong » holiday ad, a sequel to its highly successful « Mom Song » commercial.

The Hill-Side Releases Wallets, Card Cases & Key Fobs

Known for making everything from Japanese sneakers to tasteful ties, The Hill-Side introduces a new collection of wallets, card cases and key fobs. The New York-made accessories start with a base of durable Italian cowhide and are paired with unique Japanese textiles found in The Hill-Side’s Fall/Winter 2014  collection like  Wool Blanket Stripe and French “Lizard” Camo . The addition of a textile facade is a refreshing alternative to standard all-leather goods that seem to be flooding the market at the moment.

Tilda Swinton Incorporates the Audience’s Outerwear Into Her Latest Performance Piece

From sleeping inside a box to taking your jacket, Tilda Swinton’s performance art is always strange.

Introducing the Complex Pop-Up Shop, Launching on Black Friday

Featuring merchandise from Complex and its associated brands: Pigeons + Planes, First We Feast, Four Pins, Sole Collector, Desus vs. Mero, Quickstrike.

Exclusive: PacSun Presents Its Grand Prix Capsule Collection Featuring #BEEN TRILL#, The Hundreds, Black Scale, and More

PacSun presents its exclusive Grand Prix collection, featuring items from brands like Diamond Supply Co, The Hundreds, Black Scale, and #BEEN TRILL#.

Levi’s Employ Rick Griffin’s Psychedelic Illustrations for Fall/Winter 2014

Levi’s is going psychedelic grunge via 1990s Venice Beach for Fall/Winter 2014.

Alife Goes International for Its Holiday 2014 Collection

Alife features flag motifs, Dutch tapestry patterns, and an international crook in its Holiday 2014 collection.

How Kentuckians Drink Their Bourbon

Is there a proper way to drink Bourbon? We asked experts in the industry to weigh in. …

KITH Collaborates With Nano Universe and Nishikawa Down to Deliver a Range of Gear That Will Keep You Ridiculously Warm

KITH teams up with Nano Universe and Nishikawa Down to assemble the Black Diamond collection, the brand’s most detailed outerwear release to date.