Quality Casual Clothing from Syndicate Fall/Winter 2014

This Fall/Winter 2014, Syndicate wants you to put a little effort into dressing. No more sloppy ketchup stained tees that betray your love of hamburgers. No more outfits that reveal your upwardly (or downwardly) mobile social status

This Week in Watches: September 16, 2014

This Week in Watches: Breitling’s new SuperQuartz-powered Cockpit B50, a classicist pocket watch from Jaquet Droz, a watch expert takes on the Apple Watch and much more. ..

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Briefcases by Passavant and Lee – Handcrafted in NY

Longtime friends Jon Passavant and Benj Lee turned their passion for design and artisan level craftsmanship into a men’s accessories brand inspired by classic Americana and British dandyism.

Nendo Capture 20 Kinds of Rain in Water Bottles for Maison&Object

Oki Sato of design agency  Nendo says that he enjoys giving people that “!” moment, which he’s done once again, this time at Maison&Objet. The Parisian retailer recently held a “Words”-themed exhibition, for which Nendo paid “homage to the many words for ‘rain’ in the Japanese language.” In Japan, they have over 50 nouns for rain: “rain showers, weak rain, light rain, fine rain, misty rain, heavy rain, intense rain, downpour, localized downpour, chilly rain, rain and snow, rain at night, spring rain, early summer rain, autumn rain” — and the list goes on. Out of the 50+, Nendo chose 20 to artistically explore, representing each of them in an acrylic “water” bottle.

WOW! Signal: This Mysterious Signal May Be The Greatest Evidence Of Alien Life To This Day

On a summer night in 1977, Jerry Ehman, a volunteer for SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, recorded the strongest hard evidence of extraterrestrial life in human history. Ehman was scanning radio waves from deep space, as his volunteer position entailed, hoping to come across a signal that bore the hallmarks of one sent by intelligent aliens.

The Voynich Manuscript

History is littered with ancient languages that have been decoded, and ciphers that have been cracked, but if there is one bizarre occurrence that marks a thorn in historians’ sides, it has to be the Voynich manuscript. Purchased by rare-book dealer Wilfrid Voynich in 1912, the text doesn’t appear particularly remarkable at first glance. A series of paragraphs over the course of 240 pages accompanied by illustrations and diagrams, broken into what appear to be six distinct sections.

S.S. Ourang Medan

In June 1947, multiple ships traveling trade routes in the strait of Malacca, off the coast of Malaysia, received a terrifying SOS message that read: “All officers including captain are dead lying in chart room and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead. » After a short period of time, one final message was received, that read simply..

Sea Peoples

During the late Bronze Age, civilization was progressing at an impressive rate in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean regions.

Oak Island Money Pit

Throughout history, we’ve never ceased to be enamored with tales of buried treasure, secret inscriptions, and booby traps. But one of the most enduring treasure mysteries of all time comes from a tiny island off the coast of Nova Scotia in eastern Canada.

Gobekli Tepe

Every so often, a discovery happens that forces us to re-imagine what we think we know about humanity, and how we got to where we are today. Turkey’s Göbekli Tepe is certainly one such discovery

Easter Island: 12 Real Historical Events That Will Blow Your Mind

The mystery of Easter Island and the Moai statues that inhabit it is something that most of us are at least vaguely familiar with, but the fact that there are still so many legitimate unanswered questions surrounding the island is in itself quite remarkable.

The Dancing Plague Of 1518

The story of the dancing plague sounds like something straight out of fiction. On a summer’s day in the town of Strasbourg during the year 1518, a woman began dancing wildly in the street

Confederate Treasure

The year was 1865, and the American Civil War was drawing to a close.

Benjaman Kyle

In 2004, A man that would soon adopt the name Benjaman Kyle woke up outside of a Burger King in Georgia without any clothes, any ID, or any memories. He was diagnosed with retrograde amnesia, unable to remember who he was, and with no identification, unable to find out. Now, if this was like any other story about amnesia, it would have probably resolved itself soon afterward.

Baghdad Battery

When we think of electricity, most of us recall back to a time in school where we learned about Benjamin Franklin, a metal key, and a kite. The year of Franklin’s fateful discovery was 1752

The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism is an incredibly intricate analog computer found in a shipwreck near Greece in the year 1900. The device was used to determine the positions of celestial bodies using a mind-bogglingly complex series of bronze gears.

Lamenting the Apple Watch’s Missed Opportunities, with the Help of Cinema

The Apple Watch may be touted as innovative, but if Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that for the modern, 21st century man, Apple’s latest creation is severely lacking. Take note, Tim Cook: Cinema is here to save your bacon.

Red Wing Heritage Rerelease their 1930s Harvester Work Boot

Red Wing  Heritage reintroduce their Harvester boot, one of the brand’s most successful models from the 1930s.

Japan Invents Breast Squeezing Oculus Rift Game, It’s Preposterously Titillating

On today’s episode of the Daily Dispatch, Japan has invented a breast squeezing game for the Oculus Rift, Urban Outfitters sells a Kent State Massacre sweatshirt and Kanye tells disabled people to stand up at his show. AskMen: http://www.askmen.com/ Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AskMencom Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/AskMen Follow us on Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/askmen Let us know know your opinions by commenting below!

Viewfinder: B.A.S.E

Jump from a 500-foot cliff and you’ll free-fall for five or six seconds. It’s a very short moment, but as one yet-anonymous thrill-seeker explains in this short clip, “Your mind becomes so focused on the exact moment that all your senses become amplified.

Harry’s Launch a Skincare Line

While men’s grooming may not be quite the big business of ladies’ beauty product, there are certainly plenty of men who wish it weren’t so. Harry’s is addressing this desire by building a full skincare line and grooming system for men. They’re starting by introducing two new products today: a foaming shave gel and the all-important aftershave lotion.  Formulated with natural ingredients, the products work in tandem with each other and Harry’s brand razors to moisturize, hydrate and protect sensitive facial skin from irritation and redness that can be caused by shaving.

Victoria’s Secret Angels Pose Nude in Photo Book Releasing Next Month

Russell James  has shot for publications like W , GQ , Vogue and Sports Illustrated . But he’s most importantly known for being the main photographer for Victoria’s Secret , where he’s produced their infamous catalogs and directed their television commercials for the last 15 years. This year, he will release a hardcover photo book entitled “Angels,” of — yes — the iconic and unendingly beautiful VS supermodels


La nouvelle exposition du musée Porsche de Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen ouvre ses portes demain, et elle vaut à elle seule le voyage :  la marque y dévoilera 5 décennies de projets top secrets, dont vous n’avez pour la plupart jamais entendu parler. 

Scout Seattle | Olive Whipcord Cruiser Cap

F ounder and designer Ben Masters of Scout Seattle has been pretty busy over the summer months.

Will This Crowdsourced Speaker Be Able To Deliver On Its Insane Sound Promises?

The Core wireless bluetooth speaker might not look vastly different than any other portable speaker you may have encountered, but on the inside is a very different picture. Core contains within its diminutive shell five speakers capable of outputting 120 Watts of sound and can reach frequencies as low as 44Hz. In a system without an external subwoofer, that’s pretty impressive.

Fantastic Man’s Julian Ganio for COS’ E-Commerce Launch

We’ve given you news on COS ‘ Fall/Winter 2014 collection launch online. That was supposed to be last month, but sadly they’ve had to push back the date.

STYLED by oki ni takes Jil Sander, Raf Simons, Marni & More into New Dimensions

oki ni store release their first STYLED story of the current Fall season. A continuing series bringing in guest stylists as well as putting in-house talent to work, this latest shoot,  ’Blue Marble,’ “orbits around a series of organic compositions informed by satellite imagery and topographic maps.” Jil Sander , Raf Simons , Rick Owens , Margiela , Marni and Lanvin play off each other in an other-worldy editorial

Full-On Luxury Winter Outerwear from Canada Goose & Uncle Otis

Canada’s “purveyors of fine style since 1991″ Uncle Otis, reunite with Canada Goose for some serious Winter outerwear. Limited to 150 pieces, a charcoal Loro Piana Storm System wool outer, matched with a coyote fur-trimmed hood make for a fancy update, a toned-down Canada Goose badge on the arm offering more subtle branding

Autumn Inspiration 2014

My favorite seasonal quote is the one from The Great Gatsby below, “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” While autumn doesn’t officially start until next week, it has gotten crisp in New York.


Je suis un fan inconditionnel de Nigel Mansell. Mes parents m’ayant donné l’autorisation de regarder les grands prix du Japon et d’Australie malgré le décalage horaire je n’ai manqué aucune course à laquelle il a participé depuis 1986.

Corduroy Pullover Anoraks Exist Thanks to Beams Plus

We’re pretty sure this is a first, a fully corduroy pullover parka for fans of dad-wear.

Evisu Fall/Winter 2014 – Stripped Back

Evisu continue to shake off some of those old demons with a clean, unfussy lookbook focusing on the core pieces that have been with the  brand from the beginning. Souvenir Sukajan jackets featuring flashy embroidery, pleated denim inspired by the Type 1 and 2, v-stitch sweats and of course, plenty of selvedge Japanese jeans

The Ultimate Chambray Shirt Collection from Big Yank

Try as you might, high-street names, but classic American workwear brand Big Yank show us that chambray isn’t something to be messed with. One of the most respected names in the workwear business, this crew dish out a series of top-notch reproductions of hit chambray shirts : the 1942 and the 1935 available in two washes. With each model wearing the ‘Made in Japan’ badge, the three options show off how proper chambray is done with the use of indigo cotton and timeless cuts and details

Gucci Men’s Tailoring Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

After giving you a peek at the collection in their latest campaign video, we’ve come to remind you of Gucci’s Tailoring for Fall/Winter 2014. Possible wax carving Clément Chabernaud shows off some classic trenches, slim silhouettes and modern suiting staples to make you feel like a proper gent

8월 출장 전리품^^을 소개합니다

안녕하세요? 9월 초라 다소경황없이 맞이했던 추석 연휴는 즐겁게 보내셨는지요? 아침저녁으로 선선하고 따갑기까지한 햇살이 계속되는 요즘 날씨로 오곡백과가 잘 익어 풍성한 가을이 될 것 같습니다 태풍의 피해만 잘 이겨낸다면요…

가을 준비 요이 땅!

가을 준비 요이 땅! 가을 바람 솔솔….. ​ ​ 여름을 징하게 보내던 미국의 대학생들에게 학교로 돌아갈 준비를 하라며 옷 쇼핑을 종용하는 이런 류의 광고들은 가을 대박 시즌을 알리는 신호탄이였지요..

Today in Gear: September 16, 2014

Today in Gear: the first responsive light bulb, Coca-Cola brings Surge back, Lumix introduces a smart camera, an outdoor HD transceiver and more. … Read More »


The clever feature of this green-and-brown canvas laptop bag by nascent Dutch brand VOYAGE is plain to see.

Christopher Kane in Christopher Kane – Christopher Kane Spring Summer 2015 #LFW

Christopher Kane / Vogue | Christopher Kane Spring Summer 2014 Christopher Kane presented the Christopher Kane Spring Summer 2015 womenswear collection on 15th September 2014 in London as part of London Fashion Week. The Scottish designer wore a black t-shirt with a face / brain print, which I don’t recall seeing in any of his menswear collections, but first shown in his Christopher Kane Spring Summer 2014 womenswear show. That is a lot of Christopher Kane in one paragraph..

Meet the iBuckle, this Autumn’s Must-Have Wearable

With the release of the Apple Watch, wrist wearables may finally be finding their stride. But who cares? Watches had perfected timekeeping by the time the personal computer was invented.

Dapper Deconstructed | Styling Tips from Justin Bridges

Purveyors of authentic American style, PF Flyers recently partnered with New York-based menswear designer Todd Snyder , to release the Rambler Suede Pack sneaker . The shoe is a luxe re-imagining of the popular 1950s canvas hi-top, featuring an agile suede upper, vulcanized rubber soles and waxed cotton laces

The Line, Everlane and More inside Cereal Magazine Issue #7

Cereal Magazine Issue #7 is another hard-bound book with well-curated visuals and writing. This time with editorials of New York, Marrakech, and Bristol, the 160-page magazine features The Apartment by The Line , a study in Mid-Century furniture , the Noguchi Museum, Everlane and more. From their preview, we are already intrigued with their pictorial on Saharan deserts and tea

Motoring on the Grid: The “Connected” Car Comes of Age

Staying connected to your information — whether that means access to music, social media, restaurant reviews, or navigation — is essential, even when you’re on the road. These are some of the best connected cars on the market today; they range from an affordable hatchback to a racy new minivan and all the way to one of the most luxurious rides on the planet. ..

Côte&Ciel for MYKITA Protective Neoprene Eyewear Pouches

Premium eyewear makers MYKITA may have the quality frames, but there’s something they’ve been missing this whole time: sensible eyewear cases. It seems blatantly obvious that they should go hand-in-hand, but somehow it’s been missed from their offering.  Côte&Ciel recently stepped in to help with this, designing a special eyewear pouch exclusively for the retailer

The 5 Best Upcoming Airports in the World

Airports are the modern-day signifier of a city’s global ambitions and aesthetic imprint. Trying to get on the map?

Kit: Fall Driving Essentials

When the temperatures drop from their sweaty heights and the warm hues of fall foliage emerge, the driving experience changes — it’s time for windows-down scenic cruising. Bring along the appropriate warm garb (plus a few other essentials) and you’ll have mastered the fall drive.

G.F.G.S. for Aloye Fall/Winter 2014 – Handcrafted in Japan

Aloye return with more of their signature color-blocked and striped apparel , this time in collaboration with GFGS, a factory in their hometown of Kamo City in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Together, the Japanese natives offer knits and wovens made of 100% Texas-sourced cotton that are hand-pressed and cut by the family-run factory. In a special process called the “Sakagami knit press,” the fabrics undergo a high-temperature steam which tightens them to become comfortably soft yet sturdy

Jamie Campbell Bower in Burberry – Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring Summer 2015 #LFW

Jamie Campbell Bower / Burberry | Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2015 Jamie Campbell Bower attended the Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring Summer 2015 show as part of London Fashion Week on 15th September 2014 at London’s Kensington Gardens.

As It Happened | The Goodwood Revival.

The scene consists of cars and vintage style of every stripe.

Larose Paris for Our Legacy Paper Bucket Hat

If you thought the bucket hat wave would subside come cooler weather, you better think again. Our Legacy alongside hat maker Larose Paris introduce an interesting addition to the vacation favorite for Fall/Winter 2014: an unstructured hat made from paper.


Il ne portait que du noir, alors quel combo pouvait bien avoir la Rolls-Royce de Johnny Cash ? Carrosserie noire et cuir noir, bien sûr ! Cette Silver Shadow de 1970 lui a été offerte en cadeau cette année-là par la chaîne ABC pour le remercier pour le succès de son émission

Own Your AM

Recently, Harry’s and I sat down over at their magazine Five O’ Clock for a small feature they call Own Your AM. Hop over with a cup of joe in hand. We chat about mornings in my living room (my favorite room in large part because of the light pouring in from the north) and the coffee upon which it hinges

The Mighty Mighty Monotones

Photographed in New York, NY Noteworthy: monotone dressing—especially in blues—looks sharp on every guy (especially with a double-breasted jacket). Also note the chambray shirt

Alexa Meade for Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren “Project Warehouse” Mission 2

Last month, Denim & Supply  Ralph Lauren  officially kicked off #ProjectWarehouse, a campaign harnessing the spirit of Andy Warhol ‘s Factory for today’s modern consumer. Within each campaign, #ProjectWarehouse teams with a talented, emerging young artist to inspire youthful innovation and inventiveness, while offering followers the chance to become part of the creative process. Mission 2 of Denim & Supply  Ralph Lauren ‘s #ProjectWarehouse features the work of Washington, DC native, Alexa Meade

This Week In Motoring: September 15, 2014

This Week In Motoring: The new Batmobile caught on camera, Ferrari loses its chairman, Honda’s dream of a collision-free world and more. … Read More »

The Fred Perry Neon Collection – A Tribute to Soho Life

Capturing “the vibrancy and colour of Soho,” London, Fred Perry release the Neon Collection.


Acheter une Mercedes : oui, mais laquelle ? Le Blenheim Gang vous propose sa sélection de 10 modèles incontournables encore abordables – pour le moment – et trois plus ou moins bonnes raisons pour craquer. Mercedes-Benz SLC C107 / 1972-81 Parce que c’est un authentique coupé de grand tourisme des années 1970, véritable roi de la route de son époque capable d’avaler les kilomètres d’autoroutes avec une élégance inégalable ; il devrait un jour sortir du demi-anonymat dans lequel sa prestigieuse demi-sœur, le roadster SL R107 l’a injustement plongé

Margaret Howell Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 – Refined Androgyny

Margaret Howell premiers her ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2015 line, designed for the female form, while keeping an androgynous tone. Blurring the lines as per usual, the British designer starts with classic masculine pieces, minimal reworking means no unnecessary girly adjustments

Levi’s for Junya Watanabe 508 Customized Cotton Denim

Junya Watanabe reunites with Levi’s for another special edition. Here, the Japanese designer takes the 508 silhouette and customizes with some less than standard details

First Look: Ben Sherman – The Original Button Up Since 1963

Ben Sherman offer a first look at a series of films created with the folks at Fresh Britain . Illustrating the brand’s shirt-based history, a new campaign entitled “The Original Button Up Since 1963″ takes the form of three shorts focusing on the rituals and disciplines of its featured protagonists. Here we’re introduced to George, a Special Forces senior officer and motorcycle enthusiast, looking on at the ‘Preparation’ which precedes a spin on his bike and the ways in which military training spills over into his everyday life, “buttoning up is a deliberate decision, a quiet and confident expression of self-respect.” First Look: Ben Sherman – The Original Button Up Since 1963 is a post by Lena Dystant on Selectism

Make the Perfect Tortilla with René Redzepi of Noma

With the help of his pastry chef, Rosio Sánchez, René Redzepi of the World’s best restaurant, Noma, investigates the simple process of making a humble tortilla.

How to Wear Dries Van Noten for Fall/Winter 2014

British retailer END Clothing play dress up with Belgian-designer Dries Van Noten’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

Bell & Ross BR 126 Sport Heritage Flyback Chronograph

Bell & Ross BR 126 Sport Heritage Flyback Chronograph

Jacket Cuff Button Styles

Four buttons on the cuffs on Sean Connery’s checked Anthony Sinclair suit jacket in Goldfinger Have you thought about how many buttons should be on the cuffs of your jacket? There are neither rules nor even general conventions that determine how many buttons should be on your jacket’s cuffs. Some makers vary the number of buttons on their jackets based on the number of buttons on the front, if the jacket is single- or double-breasted, or if the jacket is a suit jacket or odd jacket

Today in Gear: September 15, 2014

Today in Gear: parachute-inspired hammocks, the $2000 Blu-Ray device, mail order meats from the Mile End Deli and more. … Read More »


Just how much new-issue excitement can one month take? As well as the new issue of FANTASTIC MAN, September has seen the arrival of a proudly turquoise new edition of THE GENTLEWOMAN. In something of an art-world coup, the totally brilliant painter MARLENE DUMAS is profiled, with accompanying photographic portraits by superlative photographer VIVIANE SASSEN.

Self-Conscious About Sweating? Dry Up With These Three Tips

OK, we’ve all been there. We have a great workout, sweat a bunch, and when the time comes to get back to the office or drive home, we can’t stop sweating.

NIT Fall/Winter 2014 – Oddball Minimal

NIT – another Japanese brand that is a nightmare to Google. We’re not going to pretend we’ve got much on these guys, but we can say that they make some mean garbs

In Case You Missed It: September 7 – September 14

Our best articles from the past week. Just in case, ya know, you missed them: how to dry age meat, a warbird pilot, hiking Seoul’s Woo-Myun Mountain, a complete guide to camping stoves, a deadline for GP’s contest submissions and more. ..

Elvine Fall/Winter 2014 – “Sophisticated Clothes for Unsophisticated Behavior”

Elvine, makers of “sophisticated clothes for unsophisticated behavior” — a concept we think we can all get behind — recently dropped a Fall/Winter 2014 collection informed by the simple philosophy of function.

The Surf-Inspired, Italian-Made Dick Moby Sunglasses from Amsterdam

Like many great start-ups today, Amsterdam’s Dick Moby sunglasses got off the ground with crowd funding. After successfully raising the money they needed, they did things right by getting their production in order and delivering “Summer in the City,” their first limited-edition collection of Italian-made sunglasses, available now through boutiques globally. Falling in love with Dick Moby shades is easy

This Week in Gear: September 8 – 12

This Week in Gear: Destiny, slim EDC Leathermans, minimalist leather wallets, Four Roses Bourbon and the best barrel-aged ciders. …

Made in the USA – Introducing Chicago’s Stock Mfg.

While we do support the Made-in-America movement and have introduced brand after brand that uphold things like craft, pride and good business, the “Made in USA” phrase can get a bit monotonous. We do yearn for more skilled jobs in America, but we don’t really condone marketing gimmicks to move product.

Sir John’s Sanctuary

Also out this weekend is the Men’s Style issue of T Magazine .  I already picked up a copy and let out an audible gasp when I saw the photos of the Connecticut home of Sir John Richardson inside.  The London-born Richardson started his career in the art world by opening the New York office of Christie’s in 1960 but has become best known as the biographer of Picasso.

Industribolaget i köket: 5 min shrimp roll

Om du åker till New England i USA kan du käka äkta lobster rolls. Det är en fantastisk liten « macka » med hummer, selleri och majonnäs. Det hela serveras i smörstekt korvbröd

가을을 준비하는 니탄의 신상 미리보기

가을을 준비하는 니탄의 신상 미리보기 ​ ​ 몇 차례 알려드렸지만 블로그를 운영하는 운영자의 입장에서 좋은 일은 언제나 몇몇 신상품을 누구보다 먼저 받아 볼 수 있다는 것이죠. 어김없이 가을을 맞이해 등장한 니탄의 신상 양말들은 야무지고 찰집니다. 그 중엔 아직 니탄 홈페이지에 소개되지 않은 것도 있지요! ㅎㅎ ​ ​ 아주로 에 마노레 그 환상의 조합을 멋지게 완성한 녀석과 그 친구들은다음 주에 공개됩니다

당신의 감성을 자극하는 새 브랜드 그레이매터(Grey Matter) 를 소개합니다

당신의 감성을 자극하는 새 브랜드 그레이매터(Gret Matter) 를 소개합니다 ​ 요즘 부쩍 팔판동이라 쓰고 삼청동이라 부르는 동네에 부쩍 자주 가게 됩니다. 찰떡처럼 끈끈한 피넬타와의 인연 때문이기도 한데, 솔직히 말하자면 끈끈한 인연 말고도 한가지 이유가 더 있지요.

In Memory of Richard Kiel

With great sadness, on Wednesday 10 September we lost Richard Kiel, the actor who twice played the henchman Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker .

Masculine in Milan

Just a reminder that the WSJ. Magazine will be included in the Wall Street Journal newspaper on Saturday, September 13th. It’s the Men’s Issue which  is chock full of stories that will appeal to everyone  including a cover feature on Pharrell Williams .

This Might Just Be The Craziest Thing To Ever Be Cooked On A Barbecue

It’s time to put two of the greatest things together. It’s pizza

Peggy Guggenheim and Mike Perry for Printed Pages Fall/Winter 2014

As it says on the front cover of the magazine, “Championing Creativity Across the Art ad Design World,”  It’s Nice That ‘s Printed Pages   is truly the champion among modern day’s art magazines. Their Fall 2014 edition is another 128-page visual masterpiece

Beams Rive Gauche

Tada ! Beams a enfin une adresse à Paris.

Never Mop Your Floors Again

Pop quiz: The iRobot Scooba 450 is (a) a nice alternative to a cat, (b) going to sleep with your wife, (c) a really effective cleaning tool. …

Baracuta Release their G9 Jacket in Distressed Leather

Baracuta switch up their classic G9 jacket by introducing us to a new version in leather. Same silhouette and signature tartan lining, but the jacket now comes in a high-quality brown distressed leather

How to Run a Faster Marathon

Sequels tend to suck ( Caddyshack II , I’m looking at you), and when they’ve got 26.2 miles of pavement in them, the suck-potential goes exponentially up. After my second marathon, I came up with some advice to my former self, who was still prepping for his first. You can listen in.

The Manliest Thing You’ll Buy This Year & 4 More Awesome Products

AskMen: http://www.askmen.com/ Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AskMencom Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/AskMen Follow us on Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/askmen Let us know know your opinions by commenting below!

The Omni Multi-Room Wireless HD Speaker by Harmon Kardon

The kings of audio have done it again.

Good News Big Boy, Women Prefer You To Johnny Six Pack!

On today’s episode of the Daily Dispatch, women in the UK were asked if they prefer toned abs or extra meat and the unanimous answer was anti-abs, penis shaped gummies were sold to children in New Zealand and Oscar Pistorius not guilty of murder but still guilty of manslaughter. Safe Sex Without Condoms? The Best Thing To Happen To Sex Just..

Time is Money: Redefining the Affordable Dress Watch

Think of a dress watch. Imagining anything you can afford? Truth is, our idea that dress watches need be luxury items is way off

France’s OLOW Travel to Saint Nazaire for Fall/Winter 2014

“Far away from Saint Tropez, the billionaires, the obscene yachts and arse lickers,”  read the opening lines of OLOW’s Fall/Winter 2014 lookbook. The contemporary French brand is deeply steeped in the concept of authenticity and simple living, so it comes as little surprise they would view the excesses of the wealthy with a bit of good humored contempt.

10 Best Barefoot Running Shoes

The musculoskeletal therapist says it’s all good. The running ancestors give the the nod. And calves like grapefruits can’t be wrong.

Behind the Scenes | New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015

This season was our busiest to date — with the men’s market the strongest it’s ever been, we had a hell of a lot to see this year. We realize most viewers see the show online without any context about what went into making such a large production. Walk with us behind the scenes at some of our favorite shows including Mark McNairy , Todd Snyder , an insane Lexus /Gareth Pugh event and some shots of our friends around the city

Where To Go This Weekend | September 2014, Week 2

Start the weekend with choice list of shop and gallery openings as well as pop-ups and more.

Highland Park’s Dark Offering Takes Aim at New Fans

We review Highland Park’s latest edition to their core lineup of single malts, Dark Origins, which is defined by a high percentage of double first fill sherry casks and a peatiness yet unheard of from the brand. … Read More »

The Premium Saville Umbrella from Davek

Davek Umbrellas should be familiar to readers. We’ve covered various models over the years for their superior framing structure that the maker guarantees for life. Under just about the severest of rains, Davek umbrellas hold their own and the company puts a lifetime unconditional guarantee behind their goods.

This Week in Culture: September 12, 2014

This Week in Culture: the Ray Rice scandal thickens, a new game from the makers of Halo takes some criticism, student debt, questionable DJ trends, the Apple Watch and more. … Read More »

Like Intense Beef Flavor? Dry Aging Is For You

When it comes to aging meat, you need to talk to the beef cognoscenti, and Pat LaFrieda is a card-carrying member: butchery goes back more than 100 years in his family. He shared this excerpt from his new book, Meat: Everything You Need to Know

Ahlem Eyewear – Unisex Frames Handmade in France

Los Angeles via Paris, designer Ahlem Manai-Platt introduces Ahlem eyewear. Unisex sunglass frames, each named after a Parisian neighbourhood, vintage acetates and Organic Divel Italia lenses with built-in anti-reflective coating are formed in Jura, France. The Belleville , St Germain , Pigalle , St Martin and Barbes , all solid silhouettes, come in a variety of tortoise shells alongside clear and grey options