The Best Winter Auto Gear of 2014

As you no doubt will have to drive somewhere this winter, we’ve selected some of the best winter driving gear available to combat the snow while you’re on the road.

Christmas Time in the City

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks. Dressed in holiday style In the air There’s a feeling of Christmas Children laughing People passing Meeting smile after smile and on every street corner you’ll hear Silver bells, silver bells It’s Christmas time in the city Ring-a-ling, hear them sing Soon it will be Christmas day Strings of street lights Even stop lights Blink a bright red and green As the shoppers rush home with their treasures Hear the snow crunch See the kids bunch This is Santa’s big scene And above all this bustle You’ll hear Silver bells, silver bells It’s Christmas time in the city Ring-a-ling, hear them sing Soon it will be Christmas day Photos by me via Instagram

Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Boots We Want This Season

When the snow starts falling this season, you’re going to want one (or more) of the boots.

The Golden Compass: Atomic Fleck Suit

In the 2007 fantasy film The Golden Compass , Daniel Craig’s character Lord Asriel dresses in a 1940s-style brown atomic fleck tweed suit. Atomic fleck is similar to donegal tweed but has larger, more pronounced contrasting flecks and slubs.

Penfield Refine their Classic Jackets for Baartmans and Siegel

London’s Baartmans and Siegel look to iconic outdoor label  Penfield  to create a collection of black jackets for Fall/Winter 2014. Penfield utilized their classic silhouettes with a touch of English refinement — Look for unmistakable luxurious details like dyed-to-match coyote fur trim, bonded nylon, and rubberized snaps. These guys are making it too easy to look dapper in the snow

Feathered Friends: Best Down Jackets

These top picks for lightweight, innovative down jackets will keep you warm from when the leaves fly until the snow melts next spring.

Today in Gear: September 24, 2014

Today in Gear: Snow Peak shifts into apparel, Tretorn’s collab with MASHBURN, Amazon’s best Kindle Yet, a Brian Cranston bow tie and more. ..

Interview with Seo Ilwon, founder of The Klaxon

We are proud to present to you an interview with Seo Ilwon , founder of the Korean shoe brand The Klaxon (here is our first article about the brand). FTDF:   Can you tell us about the different steps of your career and your background? Seo Ilwon:   I started my career as a men’s fashion merchandiser in 2004.

Time on Our Hands: Linde Werdelin SpidoLite + Rock

When it comes to high-end mechanical watches, racers, pilots, and divers are all spoiled for choice. Unfortunately, skiers can’t say the same. One brand though, has been giving them a taste of what could be

Week of March 2X, Two Thousand 14.

NOTE: Car culture is really lame and IEDEI is not a car blog anymore….so please stop emailing me in regards to suggested articles about cars or advertising.  I am not interested.

Black & White and Wet All Over

New York is a wet and slushy mess today.

Street Style at the Capsule New York Trade Show

Everyone still turned out in the snow.

Japanese Drinking Accessories From Futagami and Keita Suzuki

The combination of a strong sense of tradition and incredible craftsmanship bring us back to Japanese products time and time again.

Chic in Gstaad

If you’ve been checking out Instagram this week, you’ll notice that everyone is either relaxing on the beach or skiing on the slopes.

Christmas Morning Showshoeing

With the late winters, Christmas usually marks the start of the snow sport season if you live in Western Washington. While the closer Snoqualmie area has not seen much snow yet, Stevens Pass further up north now has just enough to make the longer drive worth it.

Stay in Summer Shape with these Indoor Cycling Trainers

The end of everyday outdoor cycling weather creates a fork in the road: some choose to move to a winter regimen that builds on the past year; others veer off to partake in holiday cheer and return to riding when the snow melts. While we’re no strangers to mulled wine and a sweater with reindeer on it, we know from experience that breaking for winter makes having a strong race season much more difficult.

Snow Days

It snowed yesterday in New York.


It’s about time! This odd snowflake printed short-sleeved shirt from WOOLRICH WOOLEN MILLS ’ Spring & Summer collection provides the only enjoyable combination of winter and spring that we can bear at the moment.

Editorial | PORT Magazine – ‘Road to Morocco’

PORT magazine send over an exclusive online look at this story from their latest issue . Shot in Morocco by photographer Azim Haidaryan and starring model Clement Chabernaud, look out for the likes of Stone Island, Dior Homme, Jil Sander, Margaret Howell and Nike in this impressive editorial. We asked the magazine’s fashion director and stylist on the shoot, David St John-James, to tell us a little about their North African adventure

Avalanche Rescue: Let Loose the Dogs of Snow

The call comes on the radio almost as soon as Belle and her handler, Gerald, reach to top of the Snake Creek lift. There’s been an avalanche in the resort boundary. Two skiers are buried.

Milano, snowing day, Gianni Fontana

Milano, snowing day, Gianni Fontana

Weathered Men

Weathered Men

Ural X Icon 1000 Quartermaster

The last time we mentioned Ural, they were introducing a bike with an integrated paddle ; the time before that, we drove a beautiful sidecar bike through the snow of Seattle.

Slip ‘n’ Slide: Winter Driving Skills

Winter’s that time of year when dead Christmas trees tend to litter the neighborhood landscape, you don’t see your neighbors for weeks on end and countless pounds are added to the collective American waistline. But don’t forget the pains of winter driving — the wheelspin, the snow-induced oversteer and the eye-searing whiteout conditions that make you lose sight of just about everything. Though you can’t avoid it all, you can certainly learn some basic skills that should help you stay shiny side up and clear of the local towing company

White Bogner Ski Suit

In the opening scene of A View to a Kill , Bond is a wearing an all white ski suit made by Bogner. The parka has a zip front, with the identifying Bogner “B” zip fastener. A fly that fastens with four large snap fasteners covers the zip

Dreaming of snow.

Not too far away is the beauty of the winter. Find a friend with another Bugatti Veyron and a brisk drive through the winter boulevards and twisties! This photograph is beautiful and ridiculous at the same time—-but still wonderful! src: the game gtr

Watch | A Mountain Ride with Ural Motorcycles

Our friends at Gear Patrol just posted up a strong video of their adventures with Ural Motorcycles riding through the snow in the Pacific Northwest. Very well done and we’re proud of the fellas. More over on GP .

video of the day. How men drive a Fulvia…

Through mud and snow!  Not much more complicated than this, of course…..but this video is 90 seconds of Lancia Fulvia daydreaming someone decided to film…videos like this remind me just how much I really dig the Fulvia…

video of the day. Electric E30 and snow.

Well right after posting the Rimac Concept One debut below ——was looking into the company to find more about their BMW E30 “testbed” and found this great video—-with the CEO Mate Rimac driving his E30 Electric in the snow to see how the Electric motor holds up in arctic climates.   I see signs for Zagreb , so I’m going to assume this is in Croatia!

Viewfinder: In Search of Snow

We recently dropped into Aspen Fashion Week Colorado with Bentley and roared around in the snow with 631hp at our disposal in the process — but we’ll talk more about that later. For now, we wanted to share a video that the esteemed British automaker debuted to us over the weekend featuring world-renowned big mountain skier Chris Davenport . While you don’t have to ask us twice to watch epic skiing and super cars combined in a beautiful film, we’re especially encouraged to see the company tap back into it’s ‘Bentley Boy’ roots with In Search of Snow

Marmont Autumn/Winter 2012 – Aspen Fashion Week

More from Aspen Fashion Week :  we take a look at the outerwear offering from Marmont for Autumn/Winter 2012. The outerwear and layers are built to perform on the mountains under various conditions. Ski is front and forward in the collection which features technical jackets and pants made to perform.

Aspen Fashion Week – A Look from Day 1

The fourth annual Aspen Fashion Week kicked off yesterday afternoon in Aspen, Colorado in fine style with sun perfect weather to match. Fashion week in Aspen, is a unique week of fashion that caters very specifically to the ski/snow/outdoor apparel and brands that blend perfectly with the lifestyle of the snow city and the fashion needs of its denizens and tourists alike. A majority of day one’s runway looks, from Neve, Pajar Canada, and others focused on garments and apparel meant primarily for the slopes while working properly off-mountain

Alfred Dunhill: In conversation with Sir Matthew Pinsent, Iain Percy and Louis Smith

yesterday evening, alfred dunhill organised an amazing event called « the business of winning » at their gorgeous bourdon house in mayfair. british olympians sir matthew pinsent, iain percy and louis smith sat down for about an hour and were interviewed by the very witty presenter, tim lovejoy. the trio spoke candidly about their route to success, their struggles, their stories at the previous olympic games etc

video of the day. 2 things i want.

(1) I want it to snow (2) I want an  Ur quattro This winter has been most disappointing in NYC.  One little bit of snow….in October (?)… snow tires are waiting for more fun

Ring Out, Wild Bells

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky, The flying cloud, the frosty light; The year is dying in the night; Ring out, wild bells, and let him die. Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring, happy bells, across the snow: The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true. Ring out the grief that saps the mind, For those that here we see no more, Ring out the feud of rich and poor, Ring in redress to all mankind.